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Check If Your Brand Product is Original or a Fake Remake


A suave mix-n-match of the eclectics of Delhi-NCR descended in Mall Of India as The Collective launched its third store in the city recently.  Already situated in the heart of Delhi and Gurgaon, this one ‘is a purposeful one’ because of the blurring lines between people travelling between Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. “It only made sense to use this as an opportunity to tap our precious clientele here,” added Amit Pande, Brand Head, the Collective that comes under the larger Aditya Birla banner.

Personal Touch

The big worry, which I broached to Mr Pande, while Pavleen Gujral looked neat, tall and gorgeous in the store launch, was how does one stop the circulation of the fakes amongst the originals? The response was crisp and without hesitations, “nothing to boast about, but honestly, those who buy these brands can understand and see a fake from an original. However, we depend a lot on our customers calling in regularly for styling tips and new collections too. That helps us educate even newer buyers.”

It is astonishing to know, but customers call in regularly on the customer service numbers for personal styling, tips, fashion trends, etc. “Our customer care is regularly trained and educated about the latest trends. This personal touch means a lot to our customers. It is probably, one reason they prefer to buy from us where we house multiple luxury brands,” added Pande.


The Aditya Birla initiative of housing the top brands of the world under one roof has other advantages. Customer complaints are dealt with promptly. Any defects (though this is rare as the pieces are checked to the ‘t’ before they are imported) are immediately reported so that the quality and authenticity of any product never get compromised.

The range includes bags, purses, men’s and women’s watches, innerwear, casual wear, etc. The Collective will continue to add in more international luxury brands, most of those that don’t have standalone stores in Delhi so far.

Fake or Not?

News had been floating around of a premium South East Asian brand franchisee having kept fakes of the same make in his Delhi-NCR store. “It’s scary when something like this happens. But our customers can decipher the fakes from the originals. They seek education and follow the trends happening abroad, and then come to us. Their first line of contact is customer care; walking into the store is an experience that our customers enjoy, despite the e-commerce boom during the pandemic. So, we can constantly educate them about how to protect their investments and not fall for fakes. Undeniably, the aspiration levels for these high-end luxury products are high. It is natural for fakes to still find takers. But not our customers, for sure!” ended Pande confidently. 

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