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Visual Ergonomics- a new buzz word that needs attention


A research study, ‘Visual Ergonomics,’ launched by Godrej Interio to detail the ergonomic risk factors at workplaces to prevent computer vision syndrome reveals that the increased duration of computer and mobile-viewing experience has led to the development of several eye issues.

Due to long work hours and over exposure to screen complaints of visual fatigue, headaches to more complicated problems like dry eyes, blurred vision, double vision, irritation, watery eyes are on rising.  

According to the research study, office employees spend at least six hours per day looking at a computer screen. 65 per cent reported eye-strain and vision problems. 47 per cent have headaches and fatigue. In an Indian scenario, typically 70 per cent of employees spend 6-9 hours every day in front of their gadget screens. It is revealed that 68 per cent of workstations in Indian offices are improperly illuminated, either light is too dim or over bright causing eye strain.

An overly brightly lit room or dim lighting, big, open windows or overhead lights create a washout effect on the digital screens.

Workstation Ergonomics; a monitor placed in the wrong position can affect the neck posture and can cause extraocular pain symptoms like the neck, upper back, and shoulder pain.

Excessive exposure to the gadget screen for extended periods can have a physical and physiological impact on the health & wellbeing of the employee.

 The Workspace & Ergonomics Research Cell of Godrej Interio suggests a proactive approach of assessment, correction and prevention to address visual ergonomics at workplaces. These effective suggestions range from simple eye exercises and altering illumination levels in the workspace to regular and proper assessment and evaluation of employees’ visual status.

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