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Be ready to shell out more for flouting Covid guidelines in Delhi


As the Corona virus cases spike across the capital, there has also been a spike in the fine issued for not wearing a mask in public!

The Delhi government recently ordered the raise of challan of not wearing masks from Rs 500 to Rs 2,000, as a means to curb flouting of safety guidelines in public. As the city rages through a spurt in covid positive cases, there is an increasing need to again implement stringent policies of social distancing, masks, sanitising in public places, limited social gatherings and other necessary safety protocols

Within four days of implementing the revised fine of Rs 2,000 for violation of wearing a mask in public, the Delhi Police has collected nearly Rs 1.5 crore as challans.

Pic courtesy: Hindustan Times

“The authorised persons shall be empowered to impose a fine of Rs 2000 for offence of violating the directives pertaining to observation of quarantine rule, making of social distancing, wearing of face mask in all public places, prohibition of spitting at public places and prohibition of consumption of paan, gutka, tobacco, etc. in public places,” a statement issued by the lieutenant governor’s office said.

As per the data shared by the Delhi Police, over 7,655 challans have been issued from November 20 to till date, with the highest being for mask violation. Delhi has seen over 100 covid deaths a week in November so far and critical times like these require critical action plans to keep a check on the growing challenges rising due to the pandemic.

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