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Universal Dialogues of Indian Moms!


Here’s quoting the most dramatic things Indian Moms say. Check out if you resonate with any of these or share your mom’s favourite line with us…

Words of our moms’ echo even if they are not around us physically.

  1.  Padlo nahin toh dhakke khaane honge!
  2. Pahunch ke phone karna!
  3. Kitna kamzor hoagaya hai mera bacha!
  4. Humare time mein aisa nahi tha!
  5. Khana Khaya?
  6. Tumhari umr ke thei toh saara kaam karthe thei! At least pick up your glass!
  7. Can you leave your phone and talk to us!
  8. Stop thinking that you know it all. We are your parents!
  9. Get your act together!
  10. Ask dad. I am out of it!

The word mom brings face of only one person who occupies that place in our hearts. Even if we don’t say it in words, love you.

Share your mom’s favourite line that nags you the most…

Share picture with your mom and tag her…

Lighting Candles for all moms who have become angels, guiding us from heavens up above.

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