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Virat Kohli promotes the importance of sleep for a long and healthy life


Virat Kohli’s strong alignment with the brand’s mission has led him to take on the role of brand ambassador for Duroflex. This powerful collaboration is poised to transform the conversation around the vital role of quality sleep in enhancing overall well-being, driving home the message to a broader audience.

Teaming up with Virat Kohli, the company is poised to revolutionize the conversation around quality sleep and its indispensable role in optimal health. Virat Kohli, a fitness enthusiast and professional athlete, understands the importance of sleep for a healthy life. He prioritizes sleep in his daily routine, recognizing its significant impact on his health and overall performance as a sportsman. 

Sharing his thoughts, Virat Kohli said, “As a professional athlete, I understand the importance of sleep and recovery in maintaining peak physical and mental health. I strongly believe prioritizing good quality sleep can lead to a healthier and more fulfilling life in your career and with your loved ones. It is not just about getting enough hours of rest but also about the quality of sleep one gets. I ensure I get deep, restorative sleep.”

At the conference, Virat Kohli also launched Duroflex’s latest innovative offering, Neuma, India’s first-ever firmness adjustable mattress. This tech-enabled mattress lets an individual adjust its firmness to multiple levels of comfort, personalizing the mattress to various sleep patterns, body postures, and health. Neuma is scientifically designed to activate deep restorative sleep by creating a personalized sleep experience, helping every sleeper personalize their sleep. 

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