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If you thought that a showing off of the colourful socks was just a style statement, revisit the thought! It is a power assertion of a certain kind. SUBURB gives you latest on this fashion trend…

It is power dressing all the way. Men’s fashion is becoming sleeker, with fine cuts and trims. Fashion gurus are of the opinion that dressing has a certain ‘rebellion in a subtler form’.The trouser lengths are tapered and shorter; so it becomes easy to show-off the socks under. “It is the new style statement and doing rounds in the West already where you are sought after for wearing bold colours and quirky prints in your socks. Coordinated colour to match your trouser are passé,” shares Pawan Sachdeva, a well-known name in the men’s fashion circuit, who was recently back with oodles for fashion advice, fresh from Milan.

It is a fact and young and the some sexy 40 plus Pakistani actors like Adnan Siddique in MOM, carry these new fashion statements with such ease. So here, was his bold ties (we will bring that basket out next time) to die for.

Bold is it

The mantra is that ‘I am in-charge and you cannot ignore me,’ shares the fashion industry that  if you see your colleague spotting a Bumble Bee stripes pair of socks, or neon colours and Kung Fu Panda print, you colleague is definitely trying to tell you something about his personality. Sachdeva adds, “Whether the guys have their socks covered in stars, stripes, polka dots, or lions, tigers, and even bears — colourful socks are usually being spotted by many who are willing to experiment and are wearing them bold.” For, the mantra is that your trouser length will have to end a little before the ankle, so that when you sit, the magic can unfold from beneath.

Just a little bit

Here, “the fun element starts when they are disclosed,” adds Shivani Mehra, whose Corporate hubby loves to experiment with quirky socks.  So it no surprise that you will see such young men expressing a certain kind of defiance and individuality. Even, “when worn with a classic outfit, bold socks are expressing a certain amount of defiance to social norms,” adds Dhani Gupta, who has her own small entrepreneur business running, especially for men’s accessories. Gupta, off late is selling ‘very many weird colours and patterns in socks itself.’

Experts say

It is known world over, that the way we dress, makes a lot of positive difference to the way we perceive ourselves. At Columbia Business School, social psychologist Dr. Adam Galinskyundertook a study to prove that “whatever we wear invades the body and brain, putting the wearer into a different psychological state. Indeed, clothing has a direct impact on our psyche.” Yes, what we wear actually affects how we view ourselves, and our power equation with others. This idea is referred to as embodied cognition. Therefore, don’t be surprised if scientists say that ‘the thought and physical sense of really seeing a unique expression of ourselves come alive from under the trouser actually becomes a powerful reminder of ‘who we are’.’

“Colourful socks are usually being spotted by many who are willing to experiment and are wearing them bold.” – Pawan Sachdeva, Designer.

Making a trend: Kung Fu Panda print, Bumble Bee stripes pair of socks, polka dots, or lions, tigers, and even neon colours in socks are taking rounds.

With inputs from Uttara J Malhotra.

This article was first published in the Print Version of SUBURB August 2017 Issue

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