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Commissioner of Police, Kala Ramachandran Launches ‘Social Cause Club’


WESS (Women Empowerment Safety Security-Foundation), an association of women entrepreneurs led by Veena Gupta and the Gaurav Foundation for Human and Social Development founded by Snehlata Hooda (aka Gaurav Maa) and Seema Hooda, launched Social Cause Club for women at Courtyard by Marriott in Gurugram.

The Commissioner of Police, (CP) Kala Ramachandran, the first woman CP of Gurugram, was present as the Chief Guest on occasion.

Given the successful background of a decade’s work done by the Wess and Gaurav Foundation, the women professionals, entrepreneurs, homemakers and others present at the event looked enthusiastic about the new venture. 

Speaking on occasion, Kala Ramachandran, without mincing words, pointed out the vulnerability of people who overexpose their lives on social media. “By putting pictures of your children and giving other details, parents are opening their lives and exposing children to predators. People go on holidays, talk about it, and even go live from their vacation destination; this gives information to burglars and houses robbed. Too much exposure and filling in information about self and family on social media certainly does more harm than good. Even if you write an email discussing domestic violence, the next time when one goes online, similar kinds of advertisements connected to the subject appear. It indicates the vulnerability because of the social media.”

Praising the formation of Social Club and its causes of Self-Defence, calling against domestic violence, women empowerment, cyber safety, women’s health and entrepreneurship, Kala Ramachandran assured the women community present at the event of all her support and guidance.

The guest of honour at the event, Deputy Mayor Sunita Yadav gave a candid talk on misguided feminism, the hyper-femininity of times leading to men bashing. “She said when a girl is born, she as a child-like her other male sibling, is guided by her elders, including her brother and father. When the girl grows up becoming a lady when her husband supports her, unfortunately, society considers her weak. No one is born strong; our life situations, opportunities, and support from the family and environment around everything count in ultimately what we become. Why fight for equality? Both genders are mentally, emotionally physically wired differently.”   

Visibly excited about the launch, Veena Gupta, known as India’s first female bodyguard founder of Seam Global consulting Tedx speaker, a life coach, is a certified POSH trainer with more than 25 years experience in Risk and Security Integration and has trained three lac women in self-defence techniques. “It’s well thought of initiative for women. Social Club brings all safety arms required by a woman under one room. We want to support the women in need as guides and become their armours.” The other team members of Wess present included Indu, Bharti  Patwal,  Aparna Lakshmi,  Ashmeeta Sharma, Geetanjali Singh, Jolly Tuli, Sarita Jyoti Gupta and others.

Gaurav Ma, the national award winner for social work for the education of the underprivileged, said, “Everyone has a right to education beyond social class barriers. With education, the mindset of society changes and not otherwise.” In the same sentiment, Seema Hooda continued, “We at Gaurav Foundation focus on the basic rights of the people and strive to introduce young underprivileged children who come to our school to a better life.” Established in 2005 to restore the human dignity of the oppressed and the marginalized through a process of empowerment, the NGO works to promote education and creates awareness against child labour.

Other members on the panel discussing issues of Social Club included Vineeta Jerath Grover, Co-founder editor SUBURB and Chairperson Women empowerment FII, and Sanjiv Dev, editor in chief Asian News Channel & News Age. The keynote speaker Pragya Mehta, a social worker and counsellor from Rajasthan, quickly engaged the audience with her fiery speech. Anupam Kataria, a social worker and activist for over four decades running a care centre for women, highlighted the prevalent menaces and social stigma that prevents women from speaking against domestic violence. Emphatically she said, “women can be the biggest enemies of women.” As a community of women, we must support and pull –up one another and not feel competitive against the other,” said Vineeta Jerath.

The dance NavDurga by the students of dance and music school Gungroo founded by Vijaya  Flora, glided the theme of the women’s fanfare forward with their scintillating dance show. As the culmination of the event, acknowledgement awards were given to women working in the field of women empowerment, social work and more. 

Social Cause Club is a consortium that works and Celebrates recognition of womanhood. Soon this will be expanding to different cities as well. Social Cause Club, in the honour of divine feminine, is a platform for women achievers from all the diverse fields and walks of life to share their stories about their journey and work towards areas of Empowerment, Education, and Safety of the Underprivileged Women and Children.

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