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Turns out the only thing more contagious than the Coronavirus is the fear around it that’s gripping people. The very thought, if ‘I get infected with the virus, then what? SUBURB shares the story of some people who have recovered from Coronavirus

As what it is commonly perceived that Coronavirus is the biggest equaliser of its time? It does not do favouritism. It is beyond bias or prejudices. The gravest emotion enveloping the globe is fear during current times.

We can learn from our mistakes to mitigate the suffering when a new outbreak occurs.

India’s fight against infections

India is witnessing the brunt of the virus now where we see more than 20,000 cases a day in the country. Though we are seeing high recovery and low mortality rates amongst the cases, yet the horror of being infected by the deadly virus has not lessened. It’s not just the terror of being infected, but primarily it is the rest of the forced paraphernalia that comes along with the unwanted intruder- physical symptoms, hospitalisation, social stigma, Isolation, loneliness and more.  

Dr. Devendra Taneja

“No need to panic. People get infected and recover as well.”

Dr Devendra Taneja, a leading General Practitioner in the city, feels that India has in the past dealt with severe infections and viruses which have had a much higher mortality rate. Even during the present times, there are some severe viruses and infectious diseases in our country, but no one fears them. “Why is there so much anxiety around Covid19.” Not every person infected needs hospitalisation, or it does not mean the end of the world for him or her.’’

“As a doctor, for years, we have witnessed patients suffering from TB, Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid and other infections. Millions of people succumb to them every year, yet there are no precautions or measures taken to curb them. The Western world is not battling such diseases, and COVID became a central focus for them. Media and social platforms have further amplified the news. Earlier too we have seen Swine Flu, SARS and other viruses which did not garner the attention of this kind and have today become an endemic globally; they are still very much there.”

The other side of the coin

Dr Taneja being an optimist rational feels that the advent of Covid19 possibly have reduced the overall death rate as well incidence of occurrence of other fatal diseases not just in India but globally.

“With people staying indoors, road accidents that cost a large number of lives on the Indian roads have drastically reduced. With cleaner air, there are fewer cases of Asthma & lung problems. With minimum to zero hours spent in traffic or commuting to an office, the stress level has reduced. People are cooking and eating more of healthy home-cooked meals which reduces the risk of gastric issues and other lifestyle ailments like diabetes, cholesterol, BP and related.’’

What happens if one tests COVID positive?

All panic breaks loose, and the family often gets into a frenzy, and lengthy hospitalisation and even thoughts of ventilator support start plaguing the mind. But it is not so.


DLF residents Ajay Trehan and his wife Renu tested positive just a few days apart from each other. Having developed a slight fever, he underwent self-quarantine at home. The family separated the utensils that he used from the rest, separated the laundry, and no one entered his room, nor did he step out even with a mask on to meet other family members. “Isolation means Isolation! A must for the patient and the other family members,” says DrTaneja, who was treating Trehan family.

Ajay & Renu Trehan

 Once his wife developed symptoms, she too underwent Isolation in a separate room in the house.

“I took quick action and got myself tested, went into Isolation and asked my wife to follow the same. We had great support from our doctor and our apartment community. Our neighbours sent food for us, and our children took charge of the house. Though the society RWA put the COVID tag outside our house, we didn’t face any stigma from anyone around us. Now that my quarantine period is over, I am back to my one-hour morning and evening walks to keep myself fit.  I am thankful for the support that we received from our community network. Government organisation kept vigil at us enquiring about our health condition and quarantine status now and then.”

Top Tip: We had vitamin supplements, Haldi Milk and ‘Karhas’ through our recovery period.  We consumed lemon squeezed in hot water, barely used the AC  during the recovery process.  

Family at the forefront

Another Gurugram resident, Charu Bajaj too faced the Covid ordeal along with her family. “My brother-in-law and his kids developed fever wherein he was tested positive for COVID infection. Since my parents-in-law were staying with that family, we quickly moved them out and shifted them to our place. While my father-in-law had 99 fever for just a day, my mother-in-law had loose motions and a lot of weakness when she came here. From our end, my husband closely monitored their vitals- oxygen, Blood Pressure, pulse, fever.  As a family, we took all possible precautions by sanitising hands, wearing gloves and mask but unfortunately, he developed mild fever a few days later. On doctor’s advice, all three undertook to test and were detected positive.”

With the entire family testing positive it can take quite a toll on the non-affected member emotionally and mentally but together they sailed through.

“The oxygen level of my mother-in-law went down, but she did a few Pranayam exercises regularly, and luckily it improved within a few days. We had another vacant flat in the same society and all three of them stayed there separately for 25 days, and I helped provide food and all eatables with the help of the building guards. My husband was fine but developed anxiety. He was put on a mild medication by the doctor for the same. They are all fine now and have recovered from COVID without any hospitalisation required,” says Charu.

 Community support

During difficult times of quarantine, the support of community and neighbours are important. Since no physical help is allowed inside the house, “healthy food not just for the recovery of the body is vital, but also mentally and emotionally it makes the person feel comforted that I am being cared for,’’ says Dr Taneja.

The virus is making a severe dent mentally and emotionally on people apart from its physical and financial impact. “These are trying times of RWAs also. Every few days, there are new guidelines issued by the city authorities regarding dealing with the disease and its impact. Overall people are traumatised and feel vulnerable, especially the senior citizens,’’says, Saloni Sharma, RWA Secretary of DLF Exclusive Floors Owner Society. “Having so much uncertainty around, it’s important to have faith and patience which worked well for our society where residents are well connected and shared their positive vibes knowing well that their association members, workers, security, housekeeping, maintenance staff are all not just present as a name but are eager to reach out to help those who need it. It makes it much easier, healthier and full of optimism to live like a pack watching each other’s back,” she adds with a smile

What you put your focus on increases!

That’s a law of attraction, what you focus on increases. So why consume information that builds fear and anxiety? Following all safety protocols and move on with life one day at a time, with a prayer of gratitude that we are alive.  

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