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Thursday Thunder, bridging gaps between children & parents


Whether children & adults with special needs, school drop-outs or under-privileged, Pallavanjali organized a series of special culinary events for the parents to have a delicious break from the never-ending parental responsibility.

Let’s get cooking

“After the first quarter through the Covid-19 pandemic, we realized the enormous stress that parents are going through with online schooling. Having their children home 24/7 is not easy and especially so when their needs are special too. For the parents of our Career Training adult students in Pallavanjali’s Institute for Actualization of Individual Potential (PIAIP) we started cookery sessions. We as a team discussed at length how to keep our parents happy while having some fun and the idea popped up-why not ask parents to do an interesting activity, which would benefit all including our students,” shares Krishna Das happily.

The idea was a success, and the parents responded enthusiastically to the idea. Parents came up with the name, Thursday Thunder, where every Thursday one parent teaches cooking to all PIAIP staff, parents and students from 12 noon to 1 pm. The dishes range from Continental to Indian from all regions: salads, main course or desserts. The parents are now even asking for repeat sessions and appreciate the centre’s effort to plan this distressing event.

The interactive sessions have brought the parents closer to each other. It’s a great stress buster and something that they look forward to on Thursdays.  Enthusiastic young adults also participate along with their moms, and all this helps build better connections between ​​​different set of parents​ and among parents ​and their children,” adds Krishna with a smile.

At SUBURB we strongly support rights of people with special needs. Through a series of articles, events and talk shows, we initiate awareness among people and are focused on building brick by brick an inclusive society not just for children but also parents of children with special needs.

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