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School Principals come out to speak against Juvenile Driving & Juvenile Drinking in Gurugram


#JusticeForAlok #StopJuvenileDriving, #WakeUpGurgaon #JusticeForMihika #StopJuvenileDrinking

Who is to be blamed? Is anyone out there taking the responsibility of an innocent life lost on the road? Who is at fault? After all, someone must be held responsible for letting the juvenile drive, juvenile drink, juvenile drink & drive!

Gurugram is known for road rage instances; cases of notorious behaviour have indiscriminately come to light. In August this year, an incident happened that rocked Gurugram residents. Early morning a bike rider was killed by a speeding car; behind the steering wheel was a juvenile, and a co-passenger too was a juvenile giving each other company to experience the thrill of driving. The car as the information says belonged to the parents of the child from whose birthday party the duo was returning in early morning hours.

Who is at fault? Can it be called a negligent driving?

Well, being underage how could the child find the audacity to sit behind the steering wheel? Where did he learn driving at an inappropriate age? Did parents not know that their child could drive? When the children left the venue, how come no one checked or stopped them? Or was the car key handed over to them? Who all are to be blamed – children, their parents, community, cops or society that decides to let go of such incidences?

Mihika Wahi Gupta, the young wife of the victim and a well-known marathon runner, has many questions to ask. One fine morning while she awaited the return of her husband, she gets the news that has completely changed gear of her life and life of her children.

Look at the irony, last year in August 2019, Mihika ran 21 Kms every day for one month to support & raise a voice for ‘Safer Gurgaon.’ Little did she know that exactly within a year, a road accident will change her life for good. “Life can never be the same again for us. What was her fault?’’ she asks everyone.

Senior academicians of Gurgaon have taken the incident very seriously. Aditi Misra, Principal, Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon says, “It is heartbreaking. Parents and children both are at fault. There is an appropriate age for doing everything in life. Parents are equally responsible in such cases. Incidents like these are callousness on the part of parents, children and also community, that lets these incidents pass and fade. It’s a wake-up call once again. The life of the juveniles involved in the case will also not remain the same; from a young age, they will carry a burden of a life being lost because of them.’’

Rima Singh, Head of School, DPS International says, “I urge parents not to put the lives of others in danger by giving car keys to their underage children. Their immaturity, lack of skills and lack of experience can cause life-changing injuries and fatalities. Be your child’s parent, not your child’s best friend. Let your children know that your rules and your decisions are for their safety and safety of others.’’

As the weeks have passed, the family still awaits the case to see the light of the day. People not just of Gurugram stand in support of the call against juvenile driving, juvenile drinking, demanding #JusticeForAlok.​ 

Massive protests are organised across the cities; please raise your consciousness to do your bit by sharing the news information on your walls. Support Mihika in her call for Justice. Who knows, who can become the next victim of juvenile driving! So act & support. #AbNahinTohKab

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