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Debunk Beauty Myths


The ageing process cannot be stopped but certainly can be slowed. Here we go bursting some popular beauty mistakes you could be making.

The ageing process cannot be stopped but certainly can be slowed. Here we go bursting some popular beauty mistakes you could be making.

Designer clothes, expensive jewellery, great hairdos may help to make you look beautiful, but without supple, healthy skin, no makeover is good enough. So check this out:

1. Choosing the right sunblock

Sunblock helps in preventing sunburn, freckling and hyper-pigmentation, which makes your skin look older. Use of high-quality sunscreen is essential and equally significant is its application every two to three hours is a must for smooth skin.

2. Lack of moisture

Keep your body well moisturised. Not just your face and hands, but the entire body needs proper hydration. Make sure you use organic or high-quality products on your skin.

3. Improper nutrition plan

Consumption of very oily, unhealthy and unnatural foods not just affect stomach but also skin health. Lack of a balanced diet may get the skin to age faster. It is recommended to take antioxidants, vitamin A, C, D and E, omega-3-fatty acids, proteins and lactobacilli to promote healthy skin. Avoid crash diet plans.

4. Too much bleach

Excessive regular bleaching is hazardous to the skin in the longer run. The high concentration of bleaching ingredient may cause permanent loss of skin colour and contribute to premature ageing of the skin.

Eat right, exercise and give yourself ‘me.’ time for happy skin.

5. Sleep Nude

Your skin needs to breathe too! Before hitting to bed, you must clean and clear all makeup and residue from the skin. Use a proper cleanser and then an excellent moisturiser to work on your skin overnight.

6. Everyday shampoo

Very frequent hair wash may strip your locks of their natural oils; so avoid washing your hair frequently.

7. Too much of hairstyling can play havoc

Blasting heat out of hair dryers or straighter makes the hair frizzy and dry. Best is to apply a protector before you expose your hair to styling agents.

8. The thick application of correction cream

Concealers should be applied carefully. Avoid open pores or pimples; if to be used, go gentle and light in these areas.

8. Lip Gloss

Some believe that regular use of lip balm dries your lips. Pure Vaseline or home organic malai, virgin coconut oil to keep lips hydrated.

9. Exercise and breathe right

Don’t skip your exercise regime; it could be in the form of going for walks or dancing. Whether it is a gym or yoga, enjoy your ‘me’ time. It creates happy hormones and keeps you looking younger.

This article was first published in the print version of SUBURB September 2019 issue.

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