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Reet Foundation & Suburblive Join Hands for Empowering Women


Reet Foundation is an endeavour of Advocate Ritu Kapoor to reach out to women who need legal consultancy. The NGO working to spread awareness about Women’s legal rights launched its first project, “Shakti”, in association with Suburblive, Gurgaon’s premium magazine, for more than a decade.

Dr Rajshri Singh inaugurated the grand event – IGP Crime, IGP Traffic & Highways -a Haryana Police, Guest of Honour, Dhriti Malhotra – Director Principal – Manav Rachna International School, Sector 46, Gurugram Special Guest, Vineeta Jerath – Co-founder & Editor Suburb and Chairperson Women Empowerment, Federation of Indian industry. The hospitality partner Club Patio was beaming with feminine energy on March 26.

Ritu Kapoor, a renowned lawyer in Gurugram court, through her NGO, envisages reaching marginal segments, as well as women who are afraid to defend themselves, through a series of legal awareness sessions and free consultancy. “Over the years of my practice in Gurugram District Courts, I realised that women across social strata face discrimination and injustice. Instilling a sense of security and confidence in women’s minds is the prime objective of the Reet Foundation. Launching Project Shakti to impart knowledge on women’s legal rights is a step in that direction,” she informed.

Exploitation-mental emotional, physical, financial, as simple sounding as stalking, verbal abuse can bring people to the edge of taking the drastic decision of self-harm. Even urban ladies are not fully aware of their legal rights. The NGO focuses on women’s issues from a legal perspective, giving free legal consultancy to those who cannot afford professional opinions due to their monetary limitations.

Lighting the inaugural lamp, IGP Dr Rajshri Singh, regarded as an epitome of power and grace, said, “Born as a female is empowering. She does not need empowerment from others. Even nature gets addressed as a woman, feminine energy. She carries the entire life in her womb; she is not inherently weak. Then why should women think themselves any less.”

Dr Rajshri, who is also is a published writer, further added, “women are like the fifth wall of the house. They are the foundation that creates balanced energy and are sensitive to the needs of others. Women are strong to walk a balanced life-giving time and place to others in their lives while standing tall in times of adversities. It’s time that each one reignites the dormant power hidden inside and leads life Queen Size!

Dhriti Malhotra, the director-principal of Manav Rachna International, said, “The child’s first teacher is the mother, so women must become strong pillars in the families. She, by nature, is a nurturer and patient, and hence we see more lady teachers in schools and colleges.”   

Focussing on women keeping their stories of exploitation and injustice buried under the carpet, Vineeta Jerath Grover, founder & editor of Suburblive, said, “It’s fear of what next draws us back to make the change needed to start afresh in life. In the struggle to bring about harmony in the house, women sometimes lose their identity, get into self-doubt, losing trust in the bigger picture of life. Eventually, crawl to accept the life of self-sabotage. Only she can take up the responsibility of breaking the pattern.”

Harneet Chugh, General Manager of Patio Clubs, said, “It is a delight to experience contagious strong feminine energy on our premises. The last two years have been tough for all, and I look forward to happier times of celebrations ahead.”

To carry the light of awareness forward, project Shakti aims to conduct legal awareness programmes across the city, reaching out to different sections of society.

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