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An emerging music star from Delhi crossing the One Million Mark


For the Delhi based songwriter, singer and composer Madhurr Batra, one Million plus streams on the Wynk music for Yun Hi, making ripples among the youngsters and the music lovers.

Delhi-based singer-songwriter & producer Madhur Batra, better known as ‘Madhurr,ʼ already has much to his credit in just a short period.  After winning a major global pop music competition hosted by SKIO music earlier this year, Madhurr got featured in major international music publications like ‘EDM.comʼ and ‘We Rave Youʼ praising him for his singing-songwriting and production skills.

On Sept 2, 2021, Madhur released his first Hindi single titled ‘Yun Hiʼ on the Wynk Music Platform, where his song hit more than a million streams in less than a month. When Madhurr first created ‘Yun Hiʼ, he was a teenager, an aspiring musician, and this melody was the first voice that came from his heart. Since then, Madhurr has evolved as a musician, and this song has grown with him, multi-folds. He adds, ‘When I started producing the song back in 2013, I knew what sounded good, but it was hard to translate my ideas into the DAW. It was frustrating at first, but my vision of how I wanted to make it sound kept me excited and pushed me to keep learning production.”

In 2020, Madhurr decided to attend a premiere music production school ‘Icon Collective College of Music in Hollywood. The school has nurtured some of the biggest names in the dance music industry, including Slander. By studying there, Madhurr gained rich professional experience and learned nuances of the industry. 

 Yun Hi initially was set as a fast-paced EDM record, Madhurr eventually decided to work with just an acoustic guitar and piano, which worked in his favour. “It all came down to something honest and raw, wrapped with true, unadulterated love for the lady who inspired the song”, he adds.

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