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G-KIDS Fun time


Lets have a few laughs together!



Hint: a musical instrument


Hint: a repetition of sound


Hint: A device to capture images


Hint: Time to sleep

Do you know what causes lightning and thunder?
  • Lightning happens when frozen raindrops particles in thunder clouds, bump into each other, and create an electric charge. When the charge connects with electrical charges on the earth, lightning strikes.
  • When lightening occurs, the air is suddenly heated, then it quickly cools. This rapid changes of temperature cause the cracking sound of thunder. But we see lightening first and hear thunder later because light travels faster than sound.
  • The study of lightning is calledFulminology.

Q: Why did the cookie go to the doctor?

A: It was feeling crummy!

Q: Question: Why was the strawberry sad?

Answer: His mother got into a JAM!

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?


Cook who?

Hey! Who are you calling cuckoo?

Short Story

CheeluPeelu Goes To A Restaurant

“Tak-Dhoom-Re Tak-Dhoom-Re! Today is Fri-day!’ repeated CheeluPeelu skipping around the family room.

“Mom, can we eat dinner outside? she asked.

“Sure,” said Mom. “Let’s go to a South Indian restaurant.”

“But…I want Pizza!” said CheeluPeelu slumping on the couch.

“I am okay with whatever you all decide.” said Biji, Cheelu Peelu’s grandma.

“Pizza or dosa! Hmmm…I like them both.” Said Dad. “So, I am torn!”

CheeluPeelu looked in horror, and asked “Torn? From where dad? She could only understand the literal meaning of the words.

“I mean I can’t decide between Pizza and Dosa. I like both,” said Dad, stroking Cheelu Peelu’s hair.

“I can decide for you,” said Cheelu Peelu. “Pizza, it is,” and she stood up, ready to leave. Dad held her hand and made her sit.

“Cheelu, we ate Pizza last weekend, so let your mom decide today.” said Dad.

“Fine!” CheeluPeelu said crossing her hands, and walking to her mom.

“Mommy, say Pizza!” she said softly.

Mom was quiet enjoying the attention.

“Can I get you some water, mom? You must be tired,” addedCheeluPeelu.

“Ha, Ha! I know what you are doing CheeluPeelu. This is called ‘MakhanLagana’.” said Biji.

“No! That is not correct. Look, I don’t have butter.” said Cheelu showing her hands.

“I know a place that serves both Dosa and Pizza. We can go there. What say Cheelu?” said Mom.

“I love you Mom!” said CheeluPeelu kissing her mom.

Answers to the word scramble: Harmonium, Echo, Camera, Night.

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