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SUBURB – G-TOWN POP-UP. Energise 2018 – Beautiful Things for Finer People


It was an event of influencers, achievers & motivational speakers; SUBURB –G-town Pop Up at Lock & Key. Organised to anchor scattered energies to make a shift and prep up for 2018 where experts on healing modalities, dietician, makeup and good living wellness coach engaged with the audience

Hosted, curated by SUBURB, only lifestyle & infotainment magazine of Gurgaon, Energise 2018 conceptualised to energise the new year with more robust affirmations to build a life of your dreams, was attended by the hip-happening women of the city. It was the right mix of the gathering of corporate go-getters, activists, socialites, women entrepreneurs and singers.

The first session of the evening was opened by Sujata Malik, a therapist with experience of over two decades in different energy healing modalities including Spiritual Response Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Reiki, Tarot and Bach flower therapy. She demonstrated the power of energy flowing in human bodies and how quickly, just by a negative thought the energy depletes from the body. She spoke on why children feel burdened in school and how the energy meridians play a significant role to keep a person healthy and positive.

Leading by example was Dr Shivangi Maletia, a Dental surgeon by profession, founder QITM, women’s coach, Femina officially gorgeous 2016, Mrs Heritage World 2015 who realised her power and potential empowered herself after marriage and worked walked the prestigious ramp. “Nothing comes easy, wake up to your passion and work consistently, step by step to make your desired staircase of life,’’ she said.

Thankfully Gurgaon is bitten by a fitness bug, Simran Khosla, a fitness enthusiast, dietician and a YouTuber who promotes clean eating spoke about the importance of eating right.

Look good to feel good, goes to an adage. Here was Sukoon Gulati makeup and hair artist giving quick fixes for party makeup and quick touch-ups before taking on a corporate meeting.

David Singh, a singer from Africa, floored the audience with his Jazz music and the entertaining surprise package was he belting out Hindi numbers with great ease and poise.  There was croaking and dancing and raffle draw for the audience. An overall perfect evening loaded with brains & brawn!

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