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Tarot Reading for December 2023


December 2023 Tarot Reading by Sujata Malik: A Glimpse into the Energies of the Month

Sujata Malik, a seasoned therapist with over two decades of experience in various energy healing modalities, offers her Tarot insights for October 2023. Sujata’s expertise includes Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Reiki, Tarot Readings, Bach Flower Therapy, and more. For personalised one-on-one sessions, you can reach out to her at 9811128979.

The tarot cards reveal a dynamic interplay of energies that can significantly impact our lives. Sujata’s interpretation of these cards provides valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges, offering guidance and illumination for the month ahead.

Aries (21st March-20th April)

Personal: The cosmos is aligning in favour of your personal relationships. As the days unfold, you’ll find yourself gravitating towards past connections that once held great significance in your life.

Finances: Financially, it might be a time to diversify or rethink your investment strategies. Tread with caution and arm yourself with knowledge.

Travel: Travel will offer both relaxation and intellectual stimulation. Be open to absorbing the essence of different cultures, foods, and histories in order to expand your horizons.

Emotions: Emotional tides might run high, but therein lies their beauty. When moments of sadness or introspection occur, use them as a catalyst. Write, paint, sing, or simply meditate.

Health: Health becomes a paramount concern. The universe strongly suggests intertwining physical activities with mental relaxation. A yoga class or Tai Chi would be best .

Colour of the month: Orange | Lucky Number: 7 | Cosmic Tip: Embrace your cosmic weirdness. The universe loves originality.

Taurus (21st April-21st May)

Personal: The cosmos smiles upon your love life. Those in committed relationships will find this month to be a harmonious one, with deeper connections. For singles, a chance meeting could spark a significant connection.

Finances: The winds of change are blowing in your professional arena. Be open to new opportunities, whether it’s a job change, a new project or a collaboration. Your innovative ideas will get the recognition they deserve.

Travel: Nature calls out to you. Whether it’s the mountains, forests or the ocean, immersing yourself in natural settings can be profoundly rejuvenating.

Emotions: This month, you’ll ride an emotional roller coaster. While there are peaks of joy and contentment, valleys of self-doubt might also emerge. Be gentle with yourself.

Health: Your energy levels are set to soar, but with great energy comes the responsibility of proper channelling. Incorporate a balanced cardio and strength training routine, and do Yoga or Pilates.

Colour of the month: Red | Lucky Number: 8 | Cosmic Tip: Ground yourself so hard that even a meteor can’t shake you.

Gemini (22nd May-21st June)

Personal: The theme for this month is “reconnection.” Past and present relationships will be the cornerstone of your experiences. There’s a cosmic nudge towards making amends, healing old wounds and rekindling connections.

Finances: This month signals a period of growth and expansion in your career. New projects or assignments coming your way are not just opportunities for financial growth but also personal development.

Travel: For leisure or work, travel may be on the horizon. The stars suggest any journey this month will bring enlightenment and a fresh perspective.

Emotions: You’ll find yourself on an introspective journey. Delve deep into your feelings, understand the root of your emotions, and address any unresolved issues. Dreaming and daydreaming will be frequent.

Health: Nourishing your body and spirit is paramount. Integrate wholesome foods rich in nutrients into your diet and explore activities that cultivate inner peace. This could be yoga, tai chi or even simple breathing exercises.

Colour of the month: Coral | Lucky Number: 3 | Cosmic Tip: Time heals all be patient and forgive.

Cancer (22nd June-22nd July)

Personal: This month brings a kaleidoscope of emotions centred around your closest relationships. Embrace these moments as opportunities for growth and deeper understanding.

Finances: Towards the end of the month, a significant career opportunity or collaboration may present itself. Grab it with both hands and allow your creativity and expertise to flow.

Travel: The winds of adventure call out to you. If circumstances allow, consider embarking on a journey, even if it’s just a short trip close to home. Nature will be incredibly healing,

Emotions: Like the ebb and flow of the ocean, your emotional state may fluctuate. Embrace each wave, whether it brings joy, melancholy, excitement, or introspection.

Health: Your well-being comes into sharp focus. It’s always essential to take care of your physical health. This month, give equal attention to your mental and emotional states. Explore holistic healing practices.

Colour of the month: Blue | Lucky Number: 2 |Cosmic Tip: Channel cosmic vibrations. They’re ripples from the Creator’s touch.

Leo (23rd July-22nd August)

Personal: This month shines a spotlight on the home front. Embrace the opportunity to strengthen bonds with family members and close friends to create memories for years to come.

Finances: This is the perfect time to refine or learn new skills, ensuring you stay ahead in your professional sphere. Networking plays a crucial role mid-month. New contacts could open doors to unforeseen opportunities.

Travel: The stars indicate that a sudden, unexpected travel opportunity may arise. If it aligns with your circumstances, leap. This trip, possibly to a destination you’ve never considered, promises new insights and personal growth.

Emotions: Emotional waters might be a bit turbulent. On some days, waves of joy will sweep over you, while on others, a storm of introspection might brew. It’s essential to remain anchored in self-awareness and self-love.

Health: Energies this month ignite a blend of physical and mindful activity. Your mental space craves calm. Find solace in practices such as guided meditations or peaceful nature walks.

Colour of the month: Yellow | Lucky Number: 6 | Cosmic Tip: Our connection to the universe deepens with every hardship.

Virgo (23rd August- 22nd September)

Personal: Relationship bonds are set to strengthen. If you’re in a partnership, more profound levels of understanding and mutual respect will emerge, enriching the connection.

Finances: It’s a month of growth and advancement. Opportunities to expand your horizons regarding skill set and responsibilities will likely happen. Financially consider Re-investing and updating your savings strategy.

Travel: Exploring new cultures and traditions beckons. If international travel isn’t possible, consider indulging in cultural activities or events locally.

Emotions: Emotionally, you’ll find yourself introspecting more than usual. This period of self-reflection will be beneficial in the long run, helping you align more closely with your true self.

Health: Vigilance is your keyword this month. Although no significant concerns loom, slight imbalances can crop up if you neglect daily routines. Prioritise sleep and maintain a balanced diet.

Colour of the month: Violet | Lucky number: 5 | Cosmic Tip: Connect with cosmic guides or entities for wisdom.

Libra (23rd September-22nd October)

Personal: Relationships will take centre stage this month. Your charisma and allure are heightened, but it’s crucial to stay grounded.

Finances: Professional endeavours will require a meticulous approach. This is not a month to skim over details or make hasty decisions. Instead, it’s a time for planning, laying foundations, and setting the stage for long-term projects.

Travel: If wanderlust calls, it might lead you to destinations that offer a blend of adventure and relaxation. Think mountain treks ending in luxurious spa retreats.

Emotions: Emotional intelligence will be your superpower this month. The ability to read situations and people will guide you in personal and professional spheres.

Health: Your energy levels will see significant fluctuations. To maintain a balance, adopt a structured daily routine. Incorporate activities that engage both the mind and body.

Colour of the month: Brown | Lucky Number: 4 | Cosmic tip: The Universe smiles when families bond in love

Scorpio (23rd October-21st November)

Personal: Relationships are at the forefront this month. Those in partnerships might encounter moments of rediscovery, rekindling passions and addressing unresolved issues.

Finances: Challenges in the professional realm are eminent, but they come with bearing lessons. Navigate them with a combination of patience and assertiveness. Innovative solutions might be the key to overcoming obstacles.

Travel: You will come across a lot of travel opportunities this month. Ask yourself where you belong and wisely select your travel destination. Submerge yourself amidst nature and let your soul be rejuvenated.

Emotions: Emotional waves will be intense. There might be moments of introspection, nostalgia and profound revelations. Embrace these feelings. They’re guiding you towards inner healing.

Health: It’s time to be proactive about your well-being. Physical activities like hiking, jogging, or dancing can enhance your fitness levels and act as an emotional outlet.

Colour of the month: Grey | Lucky Number: 5 | Cosmic Tips: Treasure friendships. They’re cosmic notes in life’s symphony.

Sagitarius (22nd November-21st December)

Personal: Love and personal connections take on a dreamy hue this month. Communication will be crucial. Speak your truth but also cultivate the art of active listening.

Finances: This is a phase of strategic growth. While immediate rewards might seem elusive, understand that your efforts set the groundwork for future success. Collaborations present beneficial opportunities.

Travel: The stars suggest that water bodies, be they beaches, lakes, or rivers, hold a unique charm for you this month. A trip near the water can be rejuvenating.

Emotions: Emotionally, you’ll find yourself on a roller coaster. While high moments will leave you ecstatic, the lows can make you introspective. Embrace this emotional journey, as it will lead to personal growth.

Health: A sense of tranquillity envelops you, making it an ideal mental and emotional detox time. Engage in mindfulness practices such as yoga and deep breathing exercises.

Colour of the month: Ivory | Lucky number: 3 | Cosmic Tip: Good karma is the universe saying “Thank you.”

Capricorn (22nd December-21st January)

Personal: A gentle breeze of change wafts into your sphere this month, urging you to re-evaluate certain relationships and commitments. It’s a time of deep reflection and perhaps realignments.

Finances: Creativity will be your biggest ally in professional pursuits. You’re encouraged to think creatively, proposing fresh ideas and initiatives. There might be a few moments of tension or disagreements in the workplace.

Travel: Wanderlust may fervently urge you to explore new terrains and cultures. You could plan a getaway towards the latter part of the month.

Emotions: Your emotional landscape is vast and varied this month. While there will be peaks of elation and valleys of introspection, it’s crucial to remember that every emotion serves a purpose. Allow yourself to feel deeply without judgment.

Health: Prioritizing self-care is the mantra for the month. There’s a strong emphasis on mental well-being, so activities that centre and ground you, like yoga or journaling, will be immensely beneficial.

Colour of the month: Black | Lucky Number: 5 | Cosmic Tip: Harness the power of the internal cosmos for growth

Aquarius (21st January-19th February)

Personal: This month brings moments of introspection. As you reflect on relationships, you’ll recognise patterns that serve or hinder growth. Open conversations may lead to deeper bonds.

Finances: Work situations might challenge your adaptability. Embrace change, for it often leads to growth. Networking opportunities arise, and it’s a favourable period for undertaking professional courses or seminars. Financially, careful planning is advised.

Travel: Exploration beckons. Whether a local retreat or a distant land, the journey promises rejuvenation and insights. Travel might also reconnect you with old friends.

Emotions: Emotional waves could be intense. Grounding exercises and walks in nature can help in maintaining equilibrium. Embrace your feelings. Letting go of past hurts can be therapeutic and liberating.

Health: A renewed interest in holistic wellness emerges. Explore modalities like yoga, meditation, or tai chi. Nutritional choices play a crucial role now, so consider consulting a nutritionist. Hydration is critical, as is balance in all things.

Colour of the month: White | Lucky Number: 1 | Cosmic Tip: Embrace the universe’s beauty, sensing the Creator’s artistry.

Pisces (20th February-20th March)  

Personal: A burst of energy surges through you this month, urging you to reclaim control over your world. Relationships may demand an extra ounce of patience as misunderstandings arise.

Finances: Steady progress is predicted at work. While you might not see immediate results, you’re laying the groundwork for future success. Financially, unexpected gains may arise. Invest wisely and avoid impulsive spending.

Travel: Journeys, both long and short, can bring enlightening experiences. Opt for destinations that promise both relaxation and adventure. Embrace the unexpected and treasure each moment.

Emotions: Your emotional landscape may seem like a roller-coaster. Delve deeper into mindfulness practices or journaling to navigate through feelings. Seek support when necessary and remember that it’s okay to be vulnerable.

Health: Dedicate time to self-care; the energies encourage you to focus inward. Regular physical activity, even if mild, can bring both physical and mental benefits. Diet changes might yield positive effects. Ensure adequate sleep

Colour of the month: Pink | Lucky Colour: 9 | Cosmic tip: Be honest in conversations, and invest in understanding.­

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