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Hint: An oven for fast cooking


Hint: An ice-cream drink


Hint: A body activity to stay fit


Hint: a machine that flies in the sky

Do you know why your breath smells icky in the morning?

The bad breath in the morning is due to tiny creatures living in your mouth, called bacteria. These bacteria multiply faster as you rest in the night. During the day the saliva washes away the food particles in your mouth and so bacteria get less chance to multiply. At night these bacteria munch on the leftover food in your mouth and produce bad smell.

So, it is a good habit to brush your teeth for 2 minutes before bedtime, clean your tongue and floss, to get rid of any food inside your mouth.


Q: What do you call an alligator in a vest?

A: An Investigator

Q: What gets wetter the more it dries?

A: A towel.

Q: What do you get from a pampered cow?

 A: Spoiled milk.

Q: Why did the banana go to the Doctor?

A: Because it was not peeling well

Short Story

Cheelu Peelu’s school picnic

“I will get French fries and cheese sandwiches!” said Cheelu Peelu.

“And, I will getPakoras,” added Krish.

They both were leisurely walking and discussing their school picnic menu when a voice from behind interrupted them-


“C-H-E-E-L-U  P-E-E-L-U!”

WAIT for me!!” hollered Mehak. “For tomorrow’s farm house picnic, I will get cake!”

Mehak’s heavy school bag bounced as she ran to catch up with her buddies. She tripped over a rock and fell hard on the school ground.

“Aaah!” Mehak groaned in pain as she tried to get up.Cheelu Peelu and Krish rushed to help her to stand.

“I hope you feel better soon.” said Cheelu Peelu as she wavedMehak goodbye.

Next day,their class teacher Mrs. Kapoor said, “Mehak cannot join us for the picnic today as she has bruised her ankle.”

There was a sudden commotion amongst the children after hearing about Mehak.

“How lucky! Mehak can watch TV and play video games the whole day.” said Himani.

“Now that Mehak is not coming to the picnic, we will not get a cake to eat!” said Paras.

After listening to a few students, Mrs. Kapoor said, “Children, can you put yourself in Mehak’s shoes to understand how she would be feeling right now?”

“But Ma’m it would be impossible for us to fit into Mehak’s shoes. And secondly, the shoes would be a smelly place to be in,” interjected Cheelu Peelu. Her simple mind could only understand the literal meaning of the words.

Mrs. Kapoor explained, “I meant that we need to see the situation from Mehak’s side.”

“How do you think Mehak must be feeling to miss the picnic?”

“Sad!” uttered Krish.

“Correct!” said Mrs. Kapoor.

There was a silence amongst the kids, and then Himani said, “Can we send her a get well soon card?”

“That is a beautiful thought Himani!”

“I know Mehak is one tough cookie and she will be running around in no time! And your good wishes would help her recover faster” added Mrs. Kapoor.

“Uh…But Ma’am, Mehak is not a cookie. She is a girl!”

Mrs. Kapoor gave Cheelu Peelu a warm smile and said, “Yes, you are right!”

Answers to the word scramble: microwave, milkshake, exercise, airplane

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