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Brands identify an opportunity to market ‘immunity booster’ drinks


‘What is India searching for online? Insights for Brands’ by Google India, there has been a surge of 500 per cent in searches related to healthy immunity boosting products.

The fad of ready-to-consume wellness and immunity-boosting beverages stirring the demand potential of these beverages across urban India, making companies like Mother Dairy, AV Organics, Coca-Cola and Hamdard innovate through a hyper-local strategy to meet the niche demands of the health-conscious urban consumers.

Beeline on the shelf

AV Organics (the maker of Evocus H2O – India’s first black alkaline water) is seeing huge demand, and is aiming to have an extensive presence across 100 cities in India by March 2021. Sourced from deep within Earth’s crust in Texas, Evocus H2O contains 70+ natural minerals which help with boosting immunity, and provide hydration, better detoxification and improved metabolism. 

Another brand, Coca-Cola India, launched Vio Spiced Buttermilk to offer localised products. 

Hamdard Laboratories launched two new product extensions of RoohAfza (RoohAfza Fusion and RoohAfza Milkshake in various flavours).  

 Mother Dairy has introduced a butterscotch-flavoured Haldi Milk to help people boost immunity; an age-old formula from Indian kitchen now packed in a bottle.

All these products are playing on the demand and psychology of the consumers looking for functional, ready to use ‘immunity boosters’ to promote general well-being in the current unprecedented times.

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