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Celebrating Your Skin Colour


Book: ‘I Am So Much More 

Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Books

Author: Divya Thomas

Illustrator: Richi Shah

I Am So Much More encourages children to delight in their brown skin.

We are so much more than the colour of our skin.

One can be an artist or an athlete, work with nature or technology, or do many other things. Whether you’re white or have brown skin, it’s not the colour that matters, and what matters most is how you think. Curated for children to take them out of skin colour differentiation and see the larger picture but in delicate storytelling by the author and expressive illustrations to keep the children glued to the message.

Talking about the book Japleen Pasricha, Founder-CEO & Editor-in-Chief, Feminism in India, says, ‘It is a lovely breezy read. A book that makes us look beyond the colour of our skin and focus on our aspirations and ambitions. I especially loved how the book navigates the inherent colourism in our society by telling children that they may ignore the adults who try to tell them otherwise. It’s a must-read for children and adults alike.’

Author Divya Thomas says ‘I Am So Much More is especially for young children to consider the varied shades of beautiful brown skin we are in, and to know that the colour of our skin does not define our dreams.”

Divya Thomas is a storyteller and campaigner for gender equality and the environment. She is passionate about changing the narrative to empower young and grown-up children (adults) to redefine our world. Having lived in the U.S., U.K. and India, Divya draws on common themes across cultures to reflect her belief that while we are all different, we are all the same. This is her first work in print.

Ruchi Shah navigates the theme, bringing it to life with beautiful illustrations. She also facilitates art workshops across different regions of India and Uganda. She received British Council’s Social Impact Award in 2018 for her work.

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