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May 2023 forecast by the Tarot Master, Sujata Malik


Sujata Malik is a seasoned therapist with two decades of experience working with various energy healing modalities, including Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Reiki, Tarot Readings, Bach Flower Therapy and more. For one-on-one sessions, contact: 9811128979.


Personal: If you have been afraid to make an important decision, this month is the best and is suitable for making your life extremely comfortable.

Love: You will experience immense passion this month. Stand behind your loved ones and show them they can count on you for everything.

Health: You will have to carry more weight on your shoulders than you can. Spine and shoulder problems will be aggravated.

Career and Finances:  Online communication will bring important information. A promotion in your career and finances is seen.

Colour of the month: Pink | Lucky number: 2 | Cosmic tip: Be yourself and see the world coming together for you.


Personal: Forget about the surrounding world and enjoy moments of relaxation in Nature this month.

Love: Be open to expressing and sharing your passion, particularly with your partner. Drop old differences and embrace the new relationships.

Health: overall health is good. Continue your morning walks, as they will start your day with positive energy. Insomnia and an unbalanced diet could cause health issues.

Career and Finances: it is an excellent time to initiate new work with colleagues and refresh your work relationships. Beware of politics in the work field.

Colour of the month: Blue | Lucky number: 4 |Cosmic tip: Pamper yourself and enjoy thoroughly.


Personal: You will be surrounded by positive feelings, which will help you overcome every -day things and build healthy relationships.

Love: It is essential to be with friends and family and express your feelings. Feelings of rejection and jealousy may arise.

Health: Stars indicate good health this month. Take care of your spine and back.

Career and Finances: Don’t worry about your career upheavals. It is time to pursue learning and self-development. Be careful and wise in spending money.

Colour of the month: Pink | Lucky number: 3 | Cosmic tip: Keep personal and professional life separate.


Personal: You will be pushed ahead of the influx of your ideas and opportunities to move your projects in a new direction. It is marked by communication and hard work.

Love: You need to forgive the past injustices in your relationships. Share your love and practice self-forgiveness.

Health: During the next few months, focus on healthy and regular exercises. Strengthen your immunity, eat wisely and avoid stress.

Career and Finances: Your work will go smoothly, and you will stand out from others. You will be able to help others financially, as well as advice.

Lucky colour: Sky Blue | Lucky number: 2 | Cosmic tip: Trust and have faith in yourself.


Personal: Rely on your skills this month. Do not create conflicts or corals, even if you are triggered by someone close to you.

Love: Stand by your principles, but do not sit at the bar too high in your relationship. Meet friends for regular coffee but avoid giving any advice to them.

Health: You must start your health regimen. Start going for regular walks. Exercise is important this month for your emotional, physical and mental well-being.

Career and Finances: Expect increased interest in your work, as your skill sets are highly valued. You can present your ideas directly to your boss.

Colour of the month: Orange | Lucky number: 3 |Cosmic tip: Do not overestimate your skills.


Personal: The mighty moon will affect your lives and relationships. You will recognize your feelings as well as those of others. I’d like you to focus on gratitude.

Love: Don’t keep things to yourself, as your partner is there for you, and you can lean on them. Do not pull them into your problem.

Health: Your immunity may be weak this month focus on increased intake of vitamin C. Engage with people to improve your mental health.

Career and Finances:  You will look at work issues in a new light. It’s time to realize that you pay too much attention to your work and forget your hobbies. New projects and financial gains are on the cards.

Colour of the month: Lavender | Lucky number: 7 | Cosmic tip: Focus on beautiful things that make you smile every day.


Personal: Pay more attention to your satisfaction, concentrating on your needs. There will be small obstacles which you will be able to overcome easily.

Love: Spend more time with your partner, and don’t take them for granted. It is a good idea to pamper them and pamper yourself.

Health: It is a time to indulge in yoga, Pilates, and good massages. Take long walks in the countryside and include nuts in your diet.

Career and Finances: Do not get disturbed or distracted at work, and do things at your own pace. Pay attention to the quality of work rather than the quantity.

Lucky colour: Green | Lucky number: 11 | Cosmic tip: Spend more time with your family, loved ones and nature.


Personal: You will be disturbed by memories of the past, especially your childhood. Recover lost bonds with your family.

Love: Forget your past and move forward. Think with a clear mind and be present, enjoying your relationships.

Health: An annoying digestive system could trouble you. Eat high-fibrous fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water.

Career and Finances: Do not work endlessly; instead, it is time to breathe and take a vacation. There could be some tension amongst work colleagues.

Colour of the month: Indigo| Lucky number: 3 | Cosmic tip: Immerse yourself in your deepest feelings and honour them.


Personal: You may find yourself in a vast whirlpool feeling turbulent. It is time to slow down and prioritize your life.

Love: Pay more attention to understanding what you truly desire. Cherish your relationships, especially your close friends and partners.

Health: Avoid the burden of fast food and fried foods. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet, and drink sufficient water. Stomach problems may affect your immunity.

Career and Finances: Look around for new job opportunities. New avenues will bring you lots of name, fame and monetary gains.

Colour of the month: Purple | Lucky number: 9 |Cosmic tip: Indulge in sports and buy some sports equipment.


Personal: During this month, find your pleasure every day; take a moment to relax and recharge your energy, doing things that multiply your joy.

Love: Stop living in your past relationships and break free from them. You will find new allies in your friends and family who understand you fully.

Health: Beware of injuries that might complicate your life this month. Unpleasant accidents or even a fracture can be avoided, so drive carefully.

Career and Finances: Please be sure to step back from your demands at work this month. Do not put more on your shoulder than you can carry. Political disputes are indicated at your workplace.

Colour of the month: Black | Lucky number: 1 |Cosmic tip: Know that the barriers to success are only in your head.


Personal: Your dark thoughts must remain locked away from the outside world this month. Work on cleansing your inner self and try to operate from the heart.

Love: Understand that everyone is making mistakes, and forgiving others will help to avoid unpleasant conflicts in your relationships this month. Stay with friends who are genuine and sincere.

Health: Focus on relaxing, going to bed early, waking up early and putting away your gadgets when sleeping. A good night’s sleep is vital.

Career and Finance: Remember that you’re doing a good job and your best on your work front. A time of positive change and reflection on your finances now.

Colour of the month: Pink | Lucky number: 3 | Cosmic tip: Sleep for more energy and a fulfilling month.


Personal: Take advantage of your communication skills this month. Use your strong intuition while taking important decisions.

Love: Focus more on taking care of yourself and your partner. You will make new friends and positively impact your life.

Health: Be careful about your diet and avoid greasy and salty foods. Monitor your blood pressure and prevent stress. Switch to vegetarian food.

Career and Finance: Nothing can stop you this month. Your logical thinking will lead to quality work as well as financial gains. It is time to present your ideas to the world.

Colour of the month:  Green | Lucky number: 6 | Cosmic tip: Meditate and listen to your inner voice.

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