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Worldmark community engagement concert of Nizami Bandhu in Delhi & Gurugram


As a community-driven engagement, a series of musical concerts initiated by Worldmark is warming up the hearts of music lovers. On February 24, Nizami Bandhu, as a part of the concert lineup, performed at Aerocity. On February 26, the scintillating show by the Sufi group in Gurugram stole hearts.

The festivity of Basant through the two concerts invoked the season’s beauty, colours and feeling of warmth. The audience seemed thrilled with the surprise element of petal showers on the singers and the audience. The colour of Basant, yellow, was seen all over the two venues in the form of décor and the stoles around the necks, given out to the guests as a mark of celebration. Worldmark focuses on bringing musical entertainment to its shoppers, believing that engaging with the customers by offering their likes builds a happy and supportive community. 

 Nizami Bandhu is considered the oldest Sufi band in the country, with Chand Nizami as the lead singer, supported by Sohrab Nizami & Shadab Nizami. The Sufi music trio are recognised for a Qawaali rendition written by the poet Amir Khusro in honour of Nizamuddin Auliya. The band scaled the internationally famous chart for its Bollywood numbers Kun Faya Kun from the film Rockstar, Kahoon Kese Sakhi and Rang from Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The Sufi singers mesmerised the audience with their pulsating performances and interactive conversation with the audience. The trio hails from the original Qawwal Bacchon Ka Gharrana and enjoys a legacy of over 700 years across generations, singing in praise of the divine. Hearing the singers adding Bhajans and patriotic fervour to their renditions was heartening. Nizamuddin Darga Pir (priest) graced the events with his presence. Dancer Vani Pawha was the special guest on February 26, Sufi evening. Some other well-known people were spotted watching the show.

AYL Lounge lit up!

With its exclusive guest list of renowned artists, entrepreneurs, corporate fraternity, writers and influencers, the specially curated (AYL) Are You Lit? lounge at the two venues added buzz and excitement to the shows. “The success of the event is measured by the quality of people that attend the event, and also the treatment of hospitality shown towards the guests makes the tribe come back, asking for more,” say the Co-founders, Vishesh Prakash & Vineeta Jerath of Are You Lit? AYL is a brand associated with initiating meaningful conversations around the world of books, art, literature and experiential do.    

Event Organiser 

Kal-Aakaar Collective, for the past seven years, has been working to revive, rejuvenate, and create a vibrant cultural community in Gurugram through its Performing Arts Academy, Traditional Arts Platform, and events designed for children and adults. Its Performing Arts Platform Avirbhav, founded by Prachi Gambhir, organises musical, dance, and theatre evenings. “At Kal-Aakaar, we work with known and lesser-known artists across genres and do end-to-end management of the artists, stage and the required detailing at the venue,” she says. Supporting as a community partner, members of Gurgaon Moms were present at the event.

SUBURB, the well-known media house of Gurgaon, backed the event, reaching out to build an energetic vibe by promoting the shows among a suitable audience base, making the event a success. 

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