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The longest journey is the journey inward!


For the inner retreat to Namaste Dwaar  

For the last some months, I had been craving a short spiritual trip and learning more healing tools, had nothing on the horizon where the travel of this kind ​I was seeing coming from the naked eye. 

As we believe in our spiritual circles, everything is possible, ‘stay open to possibilities to invite magic in your life,’ -says Wayne Dyer, and there I read a post from my mentor for a weekend retreat to Namaste Dwaar, less than three hours from Gurgaon, on NH 58, village​ ​Mansurpur. 

Magic happens when one believes in it, and more wondrous magic reveals under the wings of spiritual masters. For me, it is Rohini Singh and Sujata Malik, my mentors in the world of pause and therapeutic healing. In the group of 27 people, I had met only very few one to one earlier, but it appeared we knew each other forever. Yes, the faces and energies were familiar since the same thread connects us, and we meet almost every week on Zoom. 

It was a weekend of more learnings, healing modalities, the power of letting go and acceptance, a weekend of experiences and more memories. An eclectic mix of age groups from 27 years to 74 years, amazing people and their stories of resilience, learning, faith ​and service like a galaxy of stars, diverse yet reflecting the same light.

The Gateway to inner revelations

 It’s not just people, but places also have different energies, and here it was a wonderful eco-friendly resort amidst nowhere on the highway that has created nature’s bounty all around where the areas nestle in lustrous greens, herbal gardens, Ayurvedic treatments and warm​ hospitality. Aesthetically made with greater attention to detail, Na​ma​ste Dwaar has something for everyone​- Revive, Rejuvenate, Reconnect, the tagline of the property says it all.  ​The place organises bespoke experiences for its guests, from rural tours to Ganga Aarti, Hawan, Mantra Chanting, Yoga, organic farming and a trip to ​Sardhana Church with a rich history.  

Yoga for Wellness

The yoga teacher at the resort may look unassuming but do not judge his calibre. I was fairly excited to get Nadi Parikshan done from him and learn about yoga Bandhas, highly recommended to have a healthy, energised life. The property is designed as a wellness spot for Ayurveda with a vast garden of herbs and more. Your health is just a garden away! Make your way to living in the lap of nature. I believe it has all cures. The journey inward guides our way to complete wellness- mind, body, emotional & spiritual. All those who like to pamper themselves may opt for Ayurvedic massage here. The staff is trained, and free consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor comes with your room package. Exploring the place excitedly, I fell and hurt my knees and elbows. I was well cared for by the doctor at the centre; her concern and warmth partially healed my pain.

Sardana Church is the Basilica of Our Lady of Grace, also known as the Church among the Churches. It is the largest Church and the only minor basilica in the North Indian region. Less than an hour away from the property, built in 1822 by the architect Antonio Reghellini who conceptualised the design after the St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the Church is dedicated to Virgin Mary.

Ganga Aarti can be an attraction for all those who resist going to Haridwar or Rishikesh for some reason. Close to Namaste Dwaar, a 15-minute’ drive is Ganga Pass, where the Ghat is made. A personalised Ganga Aarti experience pulls many families to the property.

Over the weekend spent at the property, the place is popular among all age groups and for people living in the cities around the property. The resort is a gateway to some pause, away from the maddening crowd and vibes also with the youngsters who find solace in their coffee cuppa of Star Bucks. If you are a vegan or have allergy problems, inform the front desk before arrival and can rest assured that you will not go hungry. The owner of the property, Charul, will ensure you are overfed! Spoiled for food choices, the site has franchise outlets of Naivedyam, McDonald’s, local Chaat and tea hubs. Since the place encourages health & wellness, the smokers may have a hitch.

Living in a cosmopolitan city, after many significantly disappointing experiences, I now never opt to eat Rajasthani cuisine outside my home state. At the property, I was pleasantly surprised and satiated to devour a Thali spread with over 17 dishes from Rajasthan Gujarat and UP, not to mention food served devoid of love doesn’t taste half good. The warmth of the service staff and their warm gestures added to the flavour of the food.

The jewel in the crown is its distance from Delhi-NCR so you can fasten your seat belt and zip on NH 56. It’s all about what you are seeking is seeking you!

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