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Unleash The Writer in You: Share Your Reflection about Life in Lockdown


The current life we are living has taken us all by storm. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine we would be seeing days like these. The Covid-19 lockdown has showed us how vulnerable yet strong we can all be in times of crisis. It has opened up a whole new world of thought, ideology and perceptions for each one of us in its own unique way.

What has been YOUR learning in these times? SUBURB invites you to tap the writer within you and express your journey, experience and lessons that these past few months have brought your way.

Share your thoughts with us in your original writing in not more than 850 words. Let your emotions and expressions flow free to show us a glimpse of what life now means to you in the wake of this unbelievable story we have seen unfolding before us.

Send your entries to initiatives@suburblive.in or forumofindianliterature@gmail.com. Last date is 25th May!

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