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Artemis Hospital Focuses on Conserving Water in CSR Agenda


CSR on humanitarian grounds stands for the principle that companies need to invest in relevant causes in order to interact and operate with concerned parties having a stake in the company’s work.

CSR is termed as ‘Triple-Bottom-Line-Approach’ (TBL), which is meant to help the company promote its commercial interests along with the responsibilities it holds towards the society at large. It does not just stand for charity or philanthropic activities, but holds much deeper value. CSR initiatives should ideally target long-standing issues and deliver long-term solutions!

Water Conservation Initiatives by Artemis

Artemis, one of Gurgaon’s healthcare centre shares that Corporate Social Responsibility is deep rooted in the core belief of the hospital. “The CSR interventions of the hospitals are in alignment with the provisions of statutes and are focused on making Gurgaon a better & healthier city to live in, says Monika Walia, Divisional Manager – CSR

“We understand that the environment plays a very vital role in making lives healthier, and hence, we are committed to supporting the cause. Our CSR intervention ‘Boondh’ focusing on water conservation has restored and created over ten crore litres of rainwater harvesting potential in the city, touching the lives of thousands of beneficiaries living in Gurgaon. The project serves a dual purpose – of groundwater recharge and also solves the water logging problem in certain areas. In today’s time of water crises, our project intends to bring material change for the betterment of society at large,” says Monika.

“The healthcare spending by Govt. of India is 1.2 per cent of GDP, which is the least amongst the countries in the region. Though the National Health Policy 2017 has laid down a projected increase to 2.5 per cent of GDP by 2025, it is still not enough. One way to improve Public Healthcare Infrastructure would be to mandate 0.5 per cent of all CSR activities, coordinated at a National level, directed at improving access to Primary & Secondary healthcare.’’ – Dr Manjinder Sandhu, MD Artemis Hospital.

This article was first published in the print version of SUBURB August 2019 Issue.

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