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Today & Every Day I Take Pride in Being A Woman…


She has endurance, adaptability, she is resilient, emotional but not weak. She carries the magic of life in her…She is a celebration, today & every day.

SUBURB in conversation with ladies who live by the choices they make with an attitude, “ I will not give up.’ 

Anuradha P Dhawan

Women have always lived with huge contrasts AND as they evolve in life — the situations change but challenges remain! Women survive. Ditto for me.

Its been a good life, with Travel & Fashion as two abiding passions. I take pride in being a woman— background as an Army-brat with love for the country & wanderlust in my blood, and all I ever cared for was being on the road– literally & figuratively! With friends or solo travel. It isn’t the destinations but the journeys that do it for me and my Anu PD woman.

I choose to be grey, eat green and well, laugh heartily, avoid negative conversations & people. The #SlowLife for me – both Ordinary & Extraordinary! I know that woman-power will save the planet.

Ever since COVID happened, my Eco consciousness has grown. I know that thinking and acting sustainable and green is the way forward. If we could carry forward the lessons of the pandemic and let go of our consumptive habits, we would live easier! I want to convey to women, young and senior, that they don’t have to worry about being invisible, irrelevant and unemployable just because of the way they look. Fear of FOMO is not the way to live.

Woman of 2021 – here’s to thinking smart and fabulous and you being one with the Earth.

An entrepreneur and designer by profession and traveller and explorer at heart, Anuradha P. Dhawan is the Co-Director, Corporate House of A4A. The company provides all solutions in the lifestyle space–– Hospitality, Travel and Design.

Sangya Arora

I might have felt discomfort with my own body while growing up but today I feel proud of who and what I am. I feel proud to be the creator of two lives and for being their pillar of strength and a guiding force. Never ever repented for giving up my career to bring them up but felt proud in enjoying their every stage of growing up. It feels great to be the best friend of the most important man in my life who can rely on me for all the suggestions and together we walk through all the ups and downs of life. I take pride in crying over emotional movie scenes or watching cartoons with my children or drenching in the first rains of the season.

Being a woman I realized that I can be so many persons in one body experiencing a pool of varied emotions. Being a woman is actually expressing my true self.

So today and everyday I take pride I being a woman!

Sangya Arora is a mother of 2 children. A graduate in Science, MBA in Marketing with international business & an LLB. She worked as Deputy GM Marketing at International Recreation Parks Pvt. Ltd. She quit work after the birth of her first child & is a proud home maker.

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