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Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week- August 1-7


As we revel August 1-7 as World Breastfeeding Week, in India, the scenario is dismal when it comes to breastfeeding the child at public places due to lack of availability of defined breastfeeding places for nursing mothers.

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and significant aspects of motherhood. One would envision a mother feeding her child in a relaxed state of mind, in a peaceful and friendly environment without a care in the world. But often this is not the case as a baby’s nutrition demands happen at the most unexpected times and often at the places surrounded by the public, which causes awkwardness to the nursing mother without a respectful nursing station.

A staggering 93 per cent of Indian moms feel breastfeeding their children in public places in India is an unpleasant and stressful experience, due to a stark lack of breastfeeding facilities, reveals a survey conducted by Momspresso.com.

The most significant barriers to comfortable nursing: Lack of hygiene, appropriate safe places, lack of privacy, public stares.

Here are the five most awkward places moms breastfeed in India:

1.       In the car

9 out of 10 moms in India have breastfed their child in a car while travelling. Nursing the child in a moving vehicle puts both you and the baby to the risk of injury. Parking lots of malls & shopping centres are also common spots for breastfeeding.

2.       Public Transit

Women are often expected to be discrete and conceal themselves ‘modestly’ so as not to expose their bosoms in public to avoid bringing ‘discomfort’ to others.  It can be a harrowing experience for women in India to feed their babies in public transport as they are intimidated by the awkward stare by the males around.

3.       Airport Broom Closet Rooms

Airports must have breastfeeding rooms for mothers to provide them with a safe, secure and hygienic experience rather than the one of discomfort, pressure, turmoil and awkwardness.

4.       Restaurants

When baby’s need to eat coincides with your dinner reservation, you’re within your rights to breastfeed. However, other diners and restaurant staff might not be comfortable with this natural display. It can be an adverse situation, and most mothers tend to sit with their back towards other diners or as ask someone to cover up for them.

5.       Public Washrooms

Public Washrooms cannot be considered a place to breastfeed the hungry baby. It is an unhygienic place to breastfeed an infant. Many times, mothers breastfeed their children in public washrooms where people are relieving themselves. It is not just harmful to the health of the mother and the infant, but it can be a humiliating experience too.

Sexualisation of ladies’ bodies is a primary reason for uneasiness for nursing mothers. The bosom regarded as a sexual area instead of an organ creating vital sustenance for an infant’s development and improvement.

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