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New MCG Chief takes over in Gurugram


Transfer of 42 IAS officers in the city. Vinay Pratap Singh moves to Panchkula; the city gets Mukesh Kumar Ahuja as a new MCG Chief, he is posted in Guruguram for the first time. His joining brings good news for people staying in & around DLF Phase 4

With movement at MCG (Municipal Corporation of Gurugram) office on Friday wherein a battery of officers were transferred, Gurugram got its new MCG Chief, Mr Mukesh Kumar Ahuja. He has replaced Vinay Pratap Singh, who is now appointed as the DC Panchkula.

Ahuja, a Haryana Civil Service Officer, was promoted as an IAS officer in 2019.  Among other 42 transfers of IAS officers from the city recently, Vishram Kumar Meena has taken charge as a new ADC (Additional Deputy Commissioner) of Gurugram.

For the new MCG Chief, Ahuja, this is his first stint in Gurugram. With the new MCG Chief taking charge of the office right before the monsoon hit the city, he surely has some challenges to address immediately alongside the current second pandemic wave impacting the city dwellers.   

At his joining, the MCG commissioner has his priorities set on improving cleanliness across the city and have public grievances heard, resolved in a stipulated time. He has instructed the IT wing of MCG to develop an online system for monitoring civic works of the MCG going on across the city.

Beautification drive in DLF Phase 4

For people living in and around DLF Phase, 4 are there for a scenic treat. MCG is soon to start remodelling a 1.3 Km stretch from Museo camera in Chakkarpur, which currently is in the renovated MCG community centre and houses about 2,500 cameras and pictures, some dated as old as from the 1860s, a heritage collection.

The area selected includes Museo camera, to Galleria Market, Super Mart and Galleria Boulevard Road. The work is scheduled to begin soon after the monsoon and is timed to completion within three months. We are informed that concrete bollards will get place parallel to the main road to safeguard the movement of pedestrians and cyclists.  There is a provision to repair roads, footpaths and drains within this stretch, adding street lights and other required infrastructure work is added in the beautification drive of MCG. Hopefully, the groundwork begins at the end of June, post-monsoon showers.

No more potholes please!

Interestingly, on one end, people living in this demarcated area are happy to hear about the beautification & remodelling campaign of the MCG, in the same breath, there is a fear of roads being dug, potholes getting created in case if the ‘experiment’ is not completed or not finished within the stipulated time. With the past experiences, especially around the same stretch when monsoon plays havoc every year in the city, Gurugram dwellers fear potholes and incomplete work drives of the government adversely affecting their movement and damage of vehicles.

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