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2023 Forecast for you with Tarot Master Sujata Malik


Sujata Malik is a seasoned therapist with two decades of experience working with various energy healing modalities, including Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Reiki, Tarot Readings, Bach Flower Therapy and more. For one-on-one sessions, contact: 9811128979.

>Air Sign

How is 2023 going to be for Air Sign, collectively and individually?

It is going to be a year of harmony and balance. Your inner power is ready to heal and strengthen you to attract prosperity and success.


·         Luck will favour you this year.

·         Problems in finance and work will be removed.

·         Harmony and peace will prevail in the family.

·         Love and romance will bloom.

·         Health needs to be looked into.


·         Fortune will be significantly enhanced after October.

·         Relationships will be strengthened, and chances of marriage are on the cards.

·         Financial and business advancements are seen.

· health improvement will help you to enjoy 2023.


·         Career will flourish after mid-2023 though the workload may put a lot of pressure on you.

·         Compatibility in romantic relationships will be experienced with happiness.

·         Eyes and bones need extra care, so necessarily attend to them.

Angelic Cosmic Tip for Air Signs: The angels guide you to take excellent care of yourself. Give yourself relaxing treats throughout the year. Enrol in a monthly spa.

Favourable months for Air Signs: November, December

Favourable colour for Air Signs: shades of green and blue

>Fire Sign

How is 2023 going to be for fire Sign collectively and individually?

Relationships and partnerships are going to be highlighted in 2023. You may need to make a choice and reminder that balance is essential in all relationships.


·         Uncertainty and confusion are seen at the start of the year but will lead to success by May- June.

·         Financial gains, splurging in luxury items, and investment in properties are indicated.

·         Relationships take a back seat though you have the full support of friends and family.

·         Health needs a lot of attention till august, so avoid stress and eat healthily.


·         Gain in power and position will lead to prosperity and success.

·         Avoid investments till October.

· Relationships with family and friends will be cordial, and you will enjoy peace and harmony.

·         Health is average; stomach-related issues may surface, so eat wisely.


·         Some achievements in particular areas of your life are indicated.

·         Take all work-related decisions very carefully and avoid unnecessary expenses.

·         Peace and harmony in relationships are seen.

·         It is an excellent year to nurture romantic interests.

· Stomach-related issues, ulcers and the digestive system need extra care. Eat healthily and exercise.

Angelic Cosmic Tip for fire signs: The angels are letting you know that now is the time to learn, study, and gather information. Enjoy being a student so you can synthesize your knowledge into action in the future.

Favourable months for fire signs: June, September

Favourable colours for fire signs: Shades of brown and black

>Water Sign

How is 2023 going to be for water Sign collectively and individually?

A time of achievement, success, happiness and endings, the completion of a long, arduous journey balancing inner and outer realities.


· An excellent year for you, Cancerians. Financial gains and promotions are indicated.

·         Expect to soar to extraordinary heights in your career and financial prosperity.

·         Relationships are peaceful and harmonious. Avoid using harsh words.

·         Second quarter demands you to go for regular health checkups. Eat healthy food and exercise.


·         Frequent travel with success and happiness is indicated in the year.

·         You will achieve great success with your efforts.

·         Relationships are good, and marriage is on the cards.

·         Your loving and understanding personality will bond many relationships.

·         Health will be excellent, though anxiety and restlessness in sleep may be experienced.


·         A good appreciation of your work field and an appraisal of your work is indicated in the first quarter.

·         Financially, it is a good time.

·         Romantic relationships may face some upheaval which may get sorted by the end of the year.

·         Health will require attention throughout the year, and insomnia and unexplainable limb pain might be worrying.

Angelic Cosmic Tip for water signs: The angels are helping you to heal physical challenges in yourself and others. Know that you are a healer.

Favourable months for water signs: May, September

Favourable colour for water signs: shades of yellow and orange

>Earth Sign

How is 2023 going to be for water Sign collectively and individually?

A year of change and transformation heralds an end of a familiar or comfortable mode. A turning point, a change of personality and a complete change in one’s way of life and circumstances are shown.


·         2023 will begin well. Hard work is the mantra; things will start working your way by the end of the year.

· Work-related travel and settlement overseas is a high possibility.

·         Handle your finances sensibly.

·         Love and romance bloom through the year, and it is essential to keep your communication transparent in all your relationships.

·         Health will be fine, but you must continue following a good exercise regime and eating healthy.


·         Special attention to your finances is needed, and the focus needs to be on investment.

·         Overseas assignments are indicated by the end of the year.

·         A good chance of inheritance is coming your way.

·         Avoid being egoistic in your relationships and deal more with your heart than your head to balance with your near and dear ones.

·         Stay calm and relaxed and avoid being over-adventurous with your health this year.


·         Chances of increase in income and accumulation of wealth as well as promotion is indicated.

·         Investment in land and property will be favourable.

· Much fun with friends and siblings and harmony in family life and relationships are seen.

·         Be careful and be aware of the words you use to maintain harmony and peace.

·         Health will be average; heart-related problems may appear, so be aware.

Angelic Cosmic Tip for earth signs: The angels are leading you towards answers to your prayers. Listen and follow the steps as they communicate through your intuition, thoughts and dreams.

Favourable months for earth signs: February, December

Favourable colours for earth signs: Peach, white.

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