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Lotus in the Stone: Sacred Journeys in Eternal India – Book Review


Delve into the deep mystics of India with this fascinating book ‘Lotus in the Stone: Sacred Journeys in Eternal India’ by Anuradha Goyal.

Lotus in the Stone Sacred Journeys in Eternal India, one of the finest book that I have read in recent times as an enthusiast who likes to dive into the rich cultural heritage of our land and its energy, so potent yet only an explorer can experience.

The book collapses all boundaries to fit into a category of a travelogue or a history excursion of 199 pages. As one delves into the picturesque words, not missing the intrinsic focus on Advait philosophy of oneness, the writer encompasses the true spirit of Bharat.

The author weaves seamlessly strand by strand the cultural heritage, sacred geography, spiritual belief system, revered traditions, Isht Dev lineages from across the length & breadth of our sacred land.

Anuradha Goyal

The author collates countless interesting stories and anecdotes of Purans, Upanishads and the epic times connecting the dots that seem so vivid yet make a complete sense when joined together.  It’s an enlightening journey as one turns the pages of the book to unravel and marvel on the description of temples, rhythm in the stones, sacred cities, rivers, art & architecture and festivals- all of it coming together to form a fabric- Bharat. To truly be able to understand the gravity of the land one must cease to be a traveller and sync in with the energies of the place. And to see the oneness in form, she invites readers to experience the Kumbh Mela, so well-orchestrated all by itself, humane, organic in form & symbol of faith- not fragmented- but one powerful beam of energy falling all over the devotees.  

The author throws an interesting point to ponder over especially about the young Indians who call themselves spiritual but not religious yet hold deep reverence to deities they grew up worshipping as a clan. Much has changed, but a lot has remained unchanged beneath the veneer.

It is a must-read a book, to decipher the invisible thread that holds the sanctity of people together. A fascinating story knitted to discover the imprints of the past which lead to the present.

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