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Analog Vs the Digital Mom. Which side are you?


Social and moral learning perspectives from 90s Moms to the New Age Moms have gone through a paradigm shift. There is a contrasting approach in the life lessons given by the moms coming from the two different spectrums.

Life lessons given by the moms of millennials (born in 1980 to 1994) reflect a traditional value ethics code passed from their moms to them and the new-age young moms are more pragmatic and experiential in their approach to bringing up posterity. For me, it’s an analog mom Vs a digital mom.

As we journey from the vibrant and eclectic 90s to the learning curve today, the role of the typical stereotypical mother has undergone a profound transformation. The change is evident. Talking to young children one can make out they stand more aware of their being and self-esteem. They have a higher risk-taking appetite than their predecessors.

Let’s delve into the distinctive characteristics that differentiate the moms of children born in the 90s from the empowered new-age moms of today.

1. The 90s Moms: Navigating Tradition and Transition: The 90s heralded an era of transition, where traditional gender roles were being challenged, and women were increasingly embracing careers alongside motherhood. Moms of this era often juggled the responsibilities of homemaking with pursuing professional aspirations, embodying the concept of ‘having it all.’ Multi-tasking and work-life balance were words best suited to their situation -managing household chores, and nurturing their children while carving out their identity beyond the confines of domesticity. Many felt the pressure to excel in both realms while grappling with societal expectations and limited support structures for working mothers.

2. Traditional Parenting Paradigm: The 90s moms were largely influenced by traditional parenting ideologies passed down through generations. They relied on tried-and-tested methods of child-rearing, drawing wisdom from their own upbringing and familial experiences. Parenting advice came from books, magazines, and trusted elders, fostering a sense of community and shared wisdom among mothers.

3. Fashion and Culture: Again, breaking the norms and chords of conditioning the fashion of the 90s mirrored a blend of grunge, preppy, and hip-hop influences. Moms sported high-waisted jeans, long dresses, and statement accessories, reflecting the heterogeneous spirit of the decade. Somehow six-yard was not considered fashionable then.

New Age Moms or Digital Moms are symbols of Empowerment and Innovation.

In the present day, these mothers have reshaped the landscape of parenting with their forward-thinking approach, comfortable integration of technology, and clear boundaries that allow them to carve out time for themselves (self-love). They are unafraid to challenge conventional norms, fostering holistic development for their children.

1. Progressive Parenting Practices: Young moms prioritise open communication, positive reinforcement, and emotional intelligence in their interactions with their children. Their approach is being a friend to their child rather than staying in the role of a parent. In the age of smartphones and smart devices, new-age moms leverage technology as a powerful ally in their parenting journey.

2. Advocates for Self-Care: The young moms have learned their lessons from the previous generation and understand the importance of self-care in maintaining their overall well-being and family. They understand the concept of ‘Fill your cup first’. Mental, emotional, and physical health is on the top grid of their priorities.  

3. Fashion Forward: Fashion for them is a form of self-expression, seamlessly blending comfort and sophistication in their wardrobe choices. From athleisure wear for busy days on the go to chic ensembles for social outings, they exude confidence and individuality in their fashion choices. They are in their skin in what they wear. ‘Work from home’ concept as a gift of COVID certainly has influenced office formals to become casual work attires.

Bridging the Generational Gulf

New Age Moms focus on empathy, critical thinking, and digital citizenship. They teach their children to navigate an interconnected world with respect for diverse perspectives and responsible online conduct.
Analog moms prioritised respect for authority, teaching their children to honour elders, (questioning them directly was rude) teachers, and societal figures. They emphasised family values and gave importance to service, and social conduct. For them, academic excellence was the only pathway to success.

As a bystander as an analog mom, I have experienced the sea change in the dynamics of the relationship of parents with their children. I find myself juggling between the two spectrums, and cannot let go of the values and social understanding infused in me at the same time work towards becoming a chill-out mom.  

‘Let go, Mom, I’ll be fine’, every child seems to be saying this heart in heart. The umbilical cord is difficult to break! Happy Mother’s Day, moms.

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