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Rule of Taliban in Afghanistan – from the eyes of a child


The young minds are impressionable; they may not understand the politics on the world map, nor can they completely comprehend the cascading effect of the rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Abir Sawhney, young school going lad with a heart full of love, prayers on his lips for children and women of Afghanistan expresses his sensitive emotions for the times unfolding in that country.

Prayer of hope from one child to another

We are all shattered that the Taliban has snatched the rule of Afghanistan and thereby the independence of their people. Children and their parents will no longer have the freedom to live by their choice. Women will be suffering. They won’t be allowed to study, work or even choose what to wear and how to live. Artists banished, writers punished. I asked my mom why is there so much unrest and fear? I see on TV news people hanging from the moving aircraft, running behind it to board the flight. Mom says grimly, “the harsh laws of Taliban are against independent thinking.’’

Suddenly it makes me think how important it is for us as children to make everyday choices, even if it means deciding to eat a burger or a pizza or choosing clothes to wear. Freedom to think, choose, respect for all citizens, and the right to study and work are important to children and elders. Please don’t take it away.

We, the children of India should come together and pray for the children of Afghanistan who are suffering. May they have the courage to speak up like Malala Yousafzai.

Let us pray that the world comes together to help Afghanistan fight the draconian Taliban rule. Big countries should not turn a blind eye to the plight of Afghan women and children. Would you please help abandoned children and helpless women in that land?

Let’s hope the glory of the human race is restored in the country. May freedom and peace comes back in the lives of Afghanistan soon, and the terror rein ends. I pray.

I dedicate this poem by Julie M Casey to the children and women of Afghanistan

Rise up Rise up in the moment
Let the masses become one
Time to speak your mind
The revolution has begun
Truth has an open door,
It’s time to let yourself in
No need for an invitation,
For this is how change begins
We need to right the wrongs,
It’s time we stand our ground
Equality is not an option,
But a necessity to which we’re bound.

About the author: Abir Sawhney is a 9-year-old student of grade IV in Shriram School, Aravali, Gurgaon. He is an avid reader and co-editor of ‘The World this Week’, a children’s e-newsletter.

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