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Someone had once commented that there are 543 lucrative jobs that requires no qualification. This job opening normally comes every five years and usually for a stint of five years. Unless of course, you exit out of this planet or all 543 are terminated together.

While you do not require any academic qualification for this job but you must possess some other qualifications and skills. And it takes really long to acquire such skills and that’s why even a 40-year-old is still called an
infant in this arena.

You must know how to be a world-class sycophant and a promise maker. Keeping promises is not the criterion here but you must think of ‘out of the box’ ideas to make promises. You must be willing to slog, sweat it out in the sun, walk for miles for a few days at a stretch-Yatra. Your ‘Namaskar’ gesture accompanied with a smile must ‘appear’ genuine and heartfelt.

You must be smart at raising seed fund from investors and must not hesitate to distribute freebies which work very well when coupled
with promises. And of course, your oratory skills will be very handy especially when downing competition.

This column was first published in the print edition of SUBURB April 2019 issue.

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