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Digital cameras are in news these days! What Mobile Phone cameras are today, Digicams were yesterday and Negative Rolls based cameras were the day before yesterday. So pick up any Grandpa’s album, each picture will be a historic story, capture of a highly precious or rare moment. The seniors can go on narrating the story behind each picture for hours.

And they really know the art of narration. They will go like ‘This is your great grandfather standing with the then Viceroy Lord Mountbatten end of August 1947, his first picture in independent India.” Or ‘Look at this, we all standing almost at tarmac with garlands, bouquets and band guys to welcome your Great grand aunt flying in from London”. “And this is me on
my final day at Delhi University when I graduated.’’

Each picture was a story. Now the present the generation will also become old one day and show their pictures to their grandchildren. “This is my breakfast”, “7 pair of shoes I once thought of buying,’’ and “here’s a wing of a plane” and “in these 11 photos, this is me in Red dress inside a trial room” and so on.

This column was first published in the print edition of SUBURB May 2019 issue.

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