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Your Tarot Cards – November 2022. Read by Sujata Malik


 Sujata Malik is a seasoned therapist with two decades of experience working with various energy healing modalities, including Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Reiki, Tarot Readings, Bach Flower Therapy and more. For one-on-one sessions, contact: 9811128979.

Aries (21st March-20th April)

Personal: Many surprise visits with friends will be initiated this month. You will be invited to many events, and there will be a lot of interaction with friends and family.

Finance: Your job may not be providing you with the necessary finances that you are looking for. Make a proper plan, collect your resources and start working towards your goal.

Travel: Your friends may give you a surprise visit, so enjoy that fully. Travel away from home is not indicated this month, but go to a cafe, book store or garden and spend some time there.

Emotions: Friends will make you feel happy and go crazy simultaneously. Obstacles may come in the way, but you should not get demotivated; you know in your heart that you are worth it.

Health: Try focusing on yourself before you focus on others this month. Make yourself a priority and look after your needs carefully.

Colour of the month: Orange | Lucky number: 6 | Cosmic tip: Meditate

Taurus (21st April-21st May)
Personal: You may face many obstacles this month, but that will not stop you from succeeding. There will be good news from your loved ones, so stay grounded.

Finance: Do not get stressed because of deadlines; ultimately, you will be able to complete them. Continue working towards your dream job even if your boss does not fully appreciate you.

Travel is not listed this month so go for evening walks with friends and family, do some cycling and travel with nature.

Emotions: You may go on an emotional roller coaster ride this month. Family problems may make you anxious; communication is the best way out of it.

Health: Family problems may affect your emotional health this month. Avoid getting involved in any argument, as it may drain you mentally.

Colour of the month: Purple | Lucky number: 7 | Cosmic tip: Be unconditional.

Gemini (22nd May-21st June)
Personal: An opportunity may change your life forever, so pay attention to all that is being offered. You may make a life-changing decision this month.

Finance: Large business owners may see unexpected profits. Job seekers may get an interview call for their dream job. Keep your avenues open.

Travel: A trip out of town this month may prove beneficial for you financially and personally, so make use of any travel opportunities that may land up for you this month.

Emotions: You may have to face a kind of heartbreak to fulfil your dreams, so be strong enough to meet your feelings. Sit back and take a break from all the chaos in your life.

Health: Start taking care of your posture, as your back may be experiencing some pain this month. Try to sit straight and start physical activities, giving up old slouching habits.

Colour of the month: Green | Lucky number: 9 | Cosmic tip: Be aware of feelings of envy and jealousy and eliminate them.

Cancer (22nd June-22nd July)
Personal: Your personal life is going to bloom like a rose. There are going to be a lot of beautiful things but a few thorns too. Ignore the pain and enjoy the fragrant flowers.

Finance: You may get a lot of work this month, and it may be challenging to meet the deadlines. Appreciation will be received for all your hard work. So continue the good work.

Travel: Travel may prove beneficial this month for your soul. There will be a lot of work, so plan trip accordingly. Enjoy the pleasures of your travel.

Emotions: A lot of work may get you stressed out, but you can manage it easily. Release the stress, include physical activities, and keep building positive vibes.

Health: Your health is going to be at its best this month. You will feel the energy and desire to work on your body and enjoy the glow you see on your face. Keep spreading your smile.

Colour of the month: Pink | Lucky number: 4 | Cosmic tip: Spread your fragrance and smile wherever you go.

Leo (23rd July-22nd August)

Personal: Personal relationships will flower this month. You will receive many surprise gifts and may be invited to many dates with your loved ones.

Finance: It’s an excellent time to enhance your finances by starting a new business. You may get an appraisal in your office for your hard work, which may include a hefty bonus. Business owners may get new clients.

Travel: Take some break from your busy lifestyle and spend time with mother nature, friends and family. Distant travel is not indicated. Go out for a walk, visit a cafe and choose a relaxing weekend resort.

Emotions: Your mental health will be good this month, invest in positive thinking and not make any decisions when you are too happy because you may regret it later.

Health: Plan a new diet this month; the present dietary regimen may not give you the desired results. Do not be too harsh on yourself. Get back to the gym or your exercise routine as soon as possible.

Colour of the month: Black | Lucky number: 3 | Cosmic tip: See the joy in small things around you.

Virgo (23rd August- 22nd September)

Personal: This month will bring a lot of progress professionally, personally and mentally. Things may take an exciting turn in your love life, and there is a possibility of commitment in relationships.

Finance: Things are going to be great on the professional front. You will see progress in your career, higher profits in your business and promotion in your job.

Travel: You may go on a trip with your friends this month. You will have a good time so be ready to enjoy yourself. Going on a romantic date with your partner will spice up things for you.

Emotions: You will experience many happy feelings, whether it is professional news or personal news. It is all going to bring happiness to you. Some romance this month may allow you to open up your heart and share your love.  

Health: Your health is going to see some positive changes. An old disease may end this month. Go for walks, spend some time in nature, and practise meditation as you move towards health goals.

Colour of the month: Silver | Lucky number: 2 | Cosmic tip: Open your heart and see the love you hold within.

Libra (23rd September-22nd October)

Personal: This month may bring you closer to your dreams. If you are single, there are chances you will meet someone special. All obstacles that have been getting in the way of you and your goals are fading away.

Finance: There are chances of you getting a lot of work if you have just started a business. Investments may give you good results, and also it is an excellent time to keep investing.

Travel: There are chances of a professional trip; get ready. You may get a call, and you may have to travel without significant planning and enjoy the beauty of nature wherever you go.

Emotions: This month, you are going to feel good about yourself. Fights may happen, but you may learn to control your anger before it controls you. Work may stress you, but there will be a lot of support from your friends.

Health: Mental health may be at risk physically. You will feel good as you achieve your health goals. Your heart, in particular, may need a check-up, but everything will be fine. Take care of yourself.

Colour of the month: White | Lucky number: 8 | Cosmic tip: Burry the past, forgive the future and live fully in the present.

Scorpio (23rd October-21st November)

Personal: A family reunion will require a lot of your attention and will be a lot of fun for you. There may be no time for personal care this month.

Finance: Business owners may see some unexpected losses, which you will be able to cover soon. Investing your money is not a good idea this month.

Travel: You may be invited to a family reunion or a trip with your friends, but your finances or budget may not allow you to do that. Spend quality time by going on long walks and connecting to nature.

Emotions: An admirer revealing their feelings to you may make you feel special. You are going to feel happy for most of the days this month. Allow yourself to feel positive emotions and feel proud of your achievements.

Health: Get your fitness goals straight this month. Start a new healthy diet, keep yourself hydrated and continue your exercise regime.

Colour of the month: Mint green | Lucky number: 5 | Cosmic tip: Drop the blame game and look within.

Sagittarius (22nd November-21st December)

Personal: Do not put so much pressure on yourself to prove yourself. As you follow your dreams this month, you will heal yourself from past injuries.

Finance: Promotion is on the cards with all your hard work, but you will also receive many responsibilities you need to fulfil. Profits will be there for business people but not as anticipated.

Travel: Plan a family trip and treat yourself to a holiday this month. Enjoy short as well as long journeys, which are on the cards.

Emotions: Forgive yourself for past mistakes this month. Do not hold on to things which no longer exist. You may feel sad because things are not going the way you would want them to go, but there are chances of your bond getting more vital in your love life.

Health: Take care of your health to follow your dreams, achieve your goals, and become wealthy. Drink lots of water and stay focused on your health goals.

Colour of the month: Yellow | Lucky number: 7 | Cosmic tip: Forgive yourself to forgive others.

Capricorn (22nd December-21st January)

Personal: This month may bring you, new friends and fresh love. It is time to get out of the toxic relationships of the past and move ahead.

Finance: Make a list of your financial goals this month. Invest your hard-earned money carefully. Positive changes will help you to grow your business. Educate yourself further to upgrade your career prospects.

Travel is an excellent time to spend quality time with friends and family. Go cycling, hiking or go for a picnic. Hang out with all your friends to make your bond stronger.

Emotions: Worries have been in your mind for a long time; keep them out this month and allow happiness to enter your beautiful mind. New connections and relationships will be fulfilling.

Health:   Chasing temporary happiness may keep you away from your health goals. Avoid eating sweet or fried things and substitute them with fresh fruits and juices. Enrol in a yoga class and allow yourself to be flexible in your mind and body.

Colour of the month: Red |Lucky number: 3 | Cosmic tip: Sometimes ignorance is not bliss.

Aquarius (21st January-19th February)

Personal: There may be some plan changes, and you may suddenly feel that you are on a dead end this month. Old fights with your loved ones may resurface but solve them for once and all.

Finance: You may experience progress in your career and your financial statement. Investments made previously are going to give you profit. Finances will grow, as will your job from now on.

Travel plans will be made but could be cancelled for relevant reasons. A family trip or a short holiday is a good idea. Enjoy nature and beautiful scenery as you go along on your journey.

Emotions: You may experience many emotions ranging from happiness to sorrow. Ignore the sorrow and focus on the joy. Important decisions need to make, and you will make them right.

Health: All the diets and exercise routines you have been following will now give you benefits. Diseases are going to stay away from you this month. Stay healthy.

Colour of the month: Orange | Lucky number: 2 | Cosmic tip: Connect to the creative energy within.

Pisces (20th February-20th March)  

Personal: Things may get a little tough this month but do not worry, as you have a lot of support from your loved ones. Avoid arguments as they may lead to the breaking up of friendships.

Finance: Finances will be stable, and work may seem monotonous. People around you may be progressing and growing financially, creating tension in your energy, but it is okay to be where you are right now.

Travel: Travelling should not be your priority this month. Pay surprise visits to people in your city, and go for long walks in your garden to refresh your mood. Visit cafes, clubs and bookstores to lift your vibrations.

Emotions: This month, you will feel some sad feelings, but that should not get you anxious. Avoid arguments, as they may not prove beneficial for you. Share what you think in your heart, and be aware of your mood swings.

Health: Your health may take a toll on you this month. A disease may be discovered, but proper medication will help you to heal yourself. Start yoga or join a gym and practice meditation.

Colour of the month: Mustard Lucky number:  9 | Cosmic tip: Honour and nurture your body.

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