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AAP is like that sharp vocal kid in that large family who is always ready with a reply that can embarrass elders. Kids who always try to outsmart with wit, modern lingo and instant reactions.  And WOH, the big guys with experience and wisdom but traditional and outdated means are often found mortified at AAP’s very approach!

AAP and WOH, up against each other once again, both having an importantbattle to win. WOH is that elephant in the jungle who is being continuously teased by the ant. The ant is, however busy trying to change the rules of the game. They aren’t even asking for support.  They are singing new songs with EDM kind of music while the WOH, already wounded in recent past is sticking to the same retro music.

WOH has a full orchestra with expensive gizmos and not one but two chief conductors or composers, while AAP is more like a solo playing a mouth organ, smiling and being sharply sarcastic all the way.  For AAP, it may be an existential question and for WOH, it’s a question of supremacy. Let’s wait & watch!

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