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Solo Art Exhibition “Soulful Sojourn” by Anurag Anand is open for viewing till October 19


The renowned artist and author Anurag Anand successfully transported art enthusiasts on a mesmerising journey through the heart and mind with his recent art exhibition, “Soulful Sojourn.” This engaging exhibition featured three distinct series: “Building Blocks,” “Code Un-code,” and “Nature Milange,” each offering a unique perspective and a vivid exploration of the human experience through art.

The “Soulful Sojourn” art exhibition opened at Gallery-A, All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society (AIFACS), New Delhi in the presence of the Ambassador Dr Amarendra Khatua, Former Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs, and Rachna Agarwal, Principal Architect and Co-Founder at Studio IAAD.

Padma Shri sculptor Biman Das, who lit the ceremonial lamp at the inauguration, praised Anurag Anand’s palette and the use of mature colours and strokes in his works. He also shared anecdotes from his own life that had inspired him in his journey as an artist.

Rachna Agarwal commended Anurag Anand on his remarkable ability to balance his art and writing, acknowledging the unique blend of storytelling through words and images that he brings to his creations.

Ambassador Khatua expressed his profound appreciation for Anurag’s set of nine artworks titled “The ‘H’ of Habitation,” remarking, “These works are not only eye-catching but also hold a much deeper meaning.” The event saw the presence of several gallerists, including Ruki Chatterjee of Gallerie Ruki, Meena Singh of Gallery Blue Dot, Vibha Singh of Vibha Creations, and Jyoti Kalra of Uchaan Arts, adding to the vibrant atmosphere with their appreciation.

Multifaceted Anurag is an artist, an author of thirteen books, a columnist and a corporate professional. He considers himself a student of life and expresses his observations, understanding and responses to the triggers that surround us in his works. Much like his writings, his visual creations are anchored in their relatability and versatility of treatment. He believes that the thought behind each artwork makes it unique, and the diktats of palette or style only restrain creativity. His choice of subjects pan across teachings from ancient Indian texts to the crude beauty of nature and from the interplay of human emotions to the stativity of the present. His preferred medium is acrylic on canvas or paper.

As a self-taught artist, Anurag likes experimenting with mediums to shape his creations. His creations are often stark, evocative and provocative. They compel onlookers to pause, engage and decipher the artist’s imagination.

Anurag has won several awards for his pursuits, from the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award for Corporate Excellence in 2016 to Role Players – 2019 by the World Training & Development Congress. He is also a contributing writer for several leading publications.

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