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Fair – The New Unfair!


Hum Kaale Hain Toh Kya Hua Dil Waale Hain…

Something has not been fair about Fair & Lovely ever! Finally the controversy ends.

The word ‘Fair’ is dropped from one of the most popular beauty products Fair & Lovely.

Celebrities endorsing fairness creams giving a message that if you have a fair skin, you are better suited for a job, or you liked more by friends and ofcourse you make a better marriage ‘material.’

The familair line in most matrimonial advertisements begins as, ‘Looking for a bride who is fair and beautiful,’ so does fair skin tone stands as a synonym of beauty or in any way the skin colour makes you a better person or more qualified for a job? Even if it is for an air hostess.

Human Beauty In All Its Shades

We are no human shade cards, we are one, a human race. The practice of endorsement of skin whitening products by the celebrities must end. It shall only end when we as women stop buying them and pass the same belief and confidence to our posterity.

We are opening to a new earth, living a new life where Gora & Kala no where remains as a divide to differentiate caste, race, social strata, beauty, confidence or opportunity for a better job.

Gore Rang Pe Na Itna Guman Kar Gora Rang Doe Din Mein Dhal Jayega!

About the author : Vineeta Jerath is the Co-founder-Editor of SUBURB Magazine. She writes on a wide spectrum of topics and is passionate about social issues. She is also a US certified NLP practitioner & a Reiki Channel.

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