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Experimenting With Scarves


The trend of adorning a scarf for a glamorous chic look is not new in India. Bollywood fashion has forever influenced the dressing trends for the masses

Way back in the 70s when Neetu Singh draped a scarf over her top which often would be used as a prop to dramatise a song sequence or it was Meenakshi Sheshadri who wore scarves in a different style to add grace or flash a bohemian look, until today scarves though may not be a popular accessory for Indians but the millennials, it’s making little more sense than its predecessors.

If wearing a single tone outfit, a scarf in a contrast colour breaks the monotony if it’s a matter of partially flaunting a deep neck, even then a scarf is smartly used to make a sensuous statement.

Scarf Songs, a designer brand of Scarves houses a variety of Silk and Chiffon scarves to suit all occasions.” We don’t design scarves we design dreams,’’ says Puja Mishra, an artist who has taken her artwork on to scarves. Styling scarves can make or break a look, and she believes “Minimize your wardrobe to maximise life.” Here she shares a few scarf styles you can drape for an evening look.

Scarf Style Guide
  1. On an evening gown, one can use two long silk scarves and pair it with a belt.
  2. Style a single Silk scarf for an off-shoulder look.
  3. Create a dress with a long square scarf. Pinch the scarf from between and tie it in a knot. From one side tie it behind the neck, and the other two hand pin it at the back to create a pleated look in the centre of the scarf.
  4. Use two long square silk scarves. Tie the two scarves from one end, and the other end tie it behind the neck to create a halter look. Quite apt for a glamorous do.
  5. Style the scarf as a top to pair above a skirt or jeans. Use a square Silk scarf, fold it into a triangle and tie the loose ends behind your neck and back.

If Dupattas are challenging to manage, alternately stoles and scarves make a convenient pick of the new generation to bring a twist in their outfit. Apart from making a style statement, scarves are a must for women who ride two-wheelers and use scarves on their faces as a protection gear against pollution and tanning. It’s one piece of free-flowing garment put to multiple uses.

This feature was first published in the print version of SUBURB October 2019 issue.

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