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Veteran Actor Anupam Kher Presents PURE Smoke Therapy to the World: A Cure Dated 5000 Years Old


Veteran Bollywood actor Anupam Kher presents PURE smoke, which is developed on the scientific foundation of Holistic Human Metaphysics (HHM) to the world. Kher who has been the ambassador of Indian values throughout his life, introduces PURE at this age where practice of smoke therapy is gaining prominence. 

Life will bestow with abundance of everything, if the surroundings are kept pure and energised – this is the core thought behind HHM. Dr. T.P.Jayakrishnan, who has researched in the field of metaphysics for about three decades, is the brain behind developing PURE therapy from the 5000 year old practice of Agnihotra.

PURE smoke is emitted when 43 handpicked natural ingredients are smoked in an inverted copper pyramid called Kalyani. This smoke increases immunity and makes the surroundings virus-proof. “Avoid recurring diseases by smoking. Viruses and bacteria are always around us. The only way to safeguard ourselves is by increasing your immunity. HHM pure is a rare smoke therapy which protects us both inside and outside by cleansing all harmful pathogens.” says Anupam Kher while introducing PURE.

“Our outside environment affects our body and mind each second. The purified environment obtained by PURE smoke therapy has elevated its users both physically, mentally and spiritually”- says T. P. Jayakrishnan.

As the world is becoming more aware of the benefits of smoke therapy. PURE has become a coveted product in India. It is available as a combo pack of the PURE powder and Kalyani lamp that can be used for 365 days. The product is produced in the leadership of women, which is one of its interesting specialties. HHM PURE is available at online portals, including Amazon. 

Source: Business Wire India

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