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Your Tarot Cards – May 2022. Read by Sujata Malik


 Sujata Malik is a seasoned therapist with two decades of experience working with various energy healing modalities, including Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Emotional Freedom Techniques, (EFT) Reiki, Tarot Readings, Bach Flower Therapy and more. For one-on-one sessions, contact: 9811128979.

Aries (21st March-20th April)

Health: Lots of going on inside your body, and it is time to go for a check-up and attend to whatever is needed in the physical body. 

Career: Drop off any worries you have been battling on your career front. Feel fully secure in your career. 

Finances: Enjoy the luxuries in abundance as you receive the benefits of your wise investments. Receive with gratitude. 

Relationships: Don’t hold yourself or withdraw from your relationships. Put yourself out and share your love and cherish the time ahead. 

Message from the angels: Mediate and open up your channels to receive messages from the divine. 

Taurus (21st April-21st May)

Health: You are protected by your angels. But they also give you messages to make changes and live in a more balanced and healthy way. Listen to them. 

Career: Grab the opportunities that your career is throwing at you now. You are well equipped with the highest potential to make a career for life. 

Finances: Financial situation may feel in turmoil. All the changes that are happening only for your financial security. Trust them. 

Relationships: Deepen the relationship with yourself and your seniors. You are divinely guided. Enjoy your connection with your loved ones. 

Message from the angels: Open your heart and fully receive from the universe.

Gemini (22nd May-21st June)

Health: You are physically and mentally in good health. Share this health and positivity with your loved ones. 

Career: Choose to network with the right people as they help you work in your work. The universe is always supporting you. Receive this support. 

Finances: You have been postponing looking into your financial matters in the past. It is now time to look at all that you have invested in the past and enjoy the benefits. 

Relationships: Put yourself out and receive the love that all those around you wish to offer you. Open your heart and know that you deserve to be loved. 

Message from the angels: Choose the fantastic possibilities and opportunities present to you now. 

Cancer (22nd June-22nd July)

Health: Listen to your body and follow its needs. Health is good, and you continue to choose the middle path. 

Career: Abundance in work is indicated particularly with travel overseas. New opportunities and avenues open up internationally. 

Finances: Fast investments will mature, and you will receive immense financial benefits. You can invest in this wisely. 

Relationships: Open your heart to your loved ones. Express love from the spirit, and do not let your ego block you. 

Message from the angels: Stand up and speak up for yourself, trusting your inner wisdom. 

Leo (23rd July-22nd August)

Health: A lot of mental charter will pull your vibrations down. Please feel free to reach out to friends and counsellors if needed, as support is always there around you. 

Career: You are determined and entirely focused on your goal. Your vision is clear, and move ahead, achieving all you wish to succeed. 

Finances: Have faith in all your money related matters. Funds will be received that will surprise you, which will help you pay back all your loans and debts. 

Relationships: Memories and imprints could trouble you in your relationships. Listen to yourself, listen to your heart and drop all judgments from the past. You are divert guided. 

Message from the angels: Leave your fear behind and move ahead with an open heart. 

Virgo (23rd August- 22nd September)

Health: You will feel highly energised and healthy. Connect to nature and continue enjoying good health. 

Career: If you experience roadblocks and speed breakers in your career. It is time to be a little silent, meditate and receive the guidance to move ahead seamlessly. 

Finances: Be careful while handling your funds. Set your priorities and spend wisely. Do not take impulsive decisions related to money. 

Relationships: You are blessed in your connection with your closest ones. Understand your relationships and enjoy the love that you truly deserve

Message from the angels: Trust in divine timings as things will happen in the perfect time. 

Libra (23rd September-22nd October)

Health: Let your body receive all that is needed. Be motivated to eat well, exercise, walk and do as your body wishes. Listen to it.

Career: You are fulfilling your duties and responsibilities in your job well. Keep going and enjoy your work.

Finances: You may feel the burden of your financial stress in life. Know that you will be able to overcome and clear all your debts quickly. 

Relationships:  It is time to celebrate all your relationships fully. Connect at heart and be grateful to all the beautiful people in your life. 

Message from the angels: Take decisions confidently. Drop all judgments, perceptions and beliefs. 

 Scorpio (23rd October-21st November)

Health: You will experience ups and downs in your health this month. Take medical health and do all that that is needed. 

Career: Your laid back attitude at this time will not support you. You can get your act together and be vigilant, doing whatever is needed to keep your career successful.

Finances: You have a clear vision of where you would want to invest to achieve finical stability, go all out and do what is needed. 

Relationships: Comparison in relationships can tarnish them forever. Be patient and use your past experiences and wisdom that will heal all your relationships wisely.

Message from the angels:  Do not act impulsively, be calm and take your decisions wisely.

Sagittarius (22nd November-21st December)

Health: Your connection with your body is powerful and what you have been doing to improve your health allows you to be physically in the best of health. 

Career: A lot of changes are appearing on your career front. You can invest wisely and ask for help if needed to choose ahead.

Finances:  You will overcome financial obstacles. Maybe time to let off of some old investments to move ahead comfortably.

Relationships: Receive affection and unconditional love from all those close to your heart. Cherish the moment as these will turn into beautiful golden memories soon. 

Message from angels: Take each challenge as a learning opportunity, always trusting yourself and the universe.

Capricorn (22nd December-21st January)

Health: Free yourself from any burdens related or health. Your loved ones fully support you, but most of all by your body, so respect it fully.

Career: You have grown beautifully in your career. You should be ready to receive new opportunities and jump into them wisely. 

Finances: If money continues from known and unknown sources, be open to receiving. 

Relationships: Unnecessary thinking and talking, and discussing in relationships are exhausting. You are divinely guided as you experience major transformation in your close relationships.

Message from the angels: As new phases open up, move ahead with strength, gratitude and courage. 

Aquarius (21st January-19th February)

Health: Age seems to be catching up. Stay focused and be watchful. You may experience many changes in your body; adjust to them. 

Career: Happy times marked ahead in your career. Make the most of it as you thoroughly deserve it.

Finances: Silently watch the growth in your finances. Listen to your intuition and invest confidently.

Relationship: Invest in all your relationships with harmony. The balance between the heart and mind will bring immense peace and bliss in all your relationships.

Message from the angels: Be in trust and faith and receive all the success you want. 

Pisces (20th February-20th March)

Health: Take wise steps towards improving your health. Avoid crowds and spend some time going within and be with yourself. 

Career: The right opportunities will appear at the right time. Be patient and know that there is a promotion around the corner. 

Finances: Always listen to your gut feeling before investing. Your sense of investment is sound. Trust it. 

Relationships: Be fully present in all your relationships, enjoy each relationship and spread your presence, share your fragrance, and make the best relationship with yourself. 

Message from angels: Evaluate carefully before taking any decision. 

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