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Change is a way of life. In organisations, the change is more dynamic, more tangible. The difference in the power structure or the shift in hierarchy vicissitudes the habits of people within the pyramid

The shift in loyalists, glowing face of sycophants, the newly emerging power centres equipped with the power of flattery set the new dimension of evolving culture.

The natural reaction of the new entrant in the boiling pot goes chapak! ”Oh, nothing seems right in the organisation. The structure, processes and people are a waste.” The new frog or the Avataar in the pot sets out to turn things around, his style.

A Stop Gap Arrangement

Leaders in the grab of inclusiveness intervene in the layers of hierarchy and demolish the reporting structure to make themselves appear to be more productive and change-makers.

A bloating ego with a self-praising mindset, fuelled by flatterers gets into a vicious cycle of perceiving self-greatness and pushes organisations to the new downfalls. Yes, trial and error game more often is a losing proposition for the company with its stakes too high. As he or she is a new power centre, excitement is on for a few weeks or months within the organisation.

Such leaders reach up the ladder as they ally with existing power centres within the organisation. They are well versed with the power game and the art of toadying under the garb of being soft, compassionate, fair and transparent in the public eye. But in reality, they are self-centred, egoist, control freaks; in a race all the time to prove their competence and eye for easy quick leaps. These sorts, when confronted, take deliberate offence; we have heard, the best way to defend is to attack. By this time here comes another dictum, my way or the highway. They are miles away from reality and live in the cocoons of unrealistic dreams or are on a deliberate mission.

Unfortunately, by the time their competence gets exposed and the bubble bursts, the organisation has taken the brunt. After the set decline, they move on to the next assignment in some other organisation to repeat the cycle. They are the ones, who are restless, want fast results and not accountable to their work organisation nor the comrades.

The Jumping Frog

The frogs of boiling pots keep jumping from one pot to the another and cherish blaming all in the world except themselves for the mess they create in the course of their journey.

In the course of the journey, there are always two ways to make a choice. One is right but long; the other could be short but not righteous. It’s value system and the strength of your foundation that is your compass to navigate on the path that you decide to walk.  

About the author: Harbhajan Singh, with an illustrious work life of over 44 years is Chairman of Gurugram Zone, CII Haryana. President, Society for Safe Gurugram, and Chairman Corporate Social Responsibility & Affirmative Action, CII, Northern Region. Currently consulting as Chief of Strategy & People Care, SGT University, Gurugram, his core competency is to create peace in turbulent environment and evolve industrial harmony through social connectivity and bonding of industry with society.

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  1. Bhavika Batra says

    This so artistically illustrates the irony of the corporate which is anything but harmonious.

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