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Children Romancing Golf – Calling the shots young.


These youngsters are showing their prowess on the Golf fields and are set to make it big in this sport…and life.

Golf as a sport has been gaining much popularity in India. With an increasing number of younger golf players in the country, the sport is teaching so much to so many. Whether it involves character building or acts as a familial bond, golf seems to be doing wonders to many children across the nation. Here is what a few of them have to say about their experience:

Lavanya Tatiwala, 18 years old golf player from Jaipur

Introduced to the sport by her dad, Lavanya initially thought ‘’I can’t play this sport, it’s completely opposite to the sports I used to play’’. But with patience and a strong mind, she became addicted to the game. Her family being heavily involved with sports, were always encouraging her to pursue the sport and she received immense support and inspiration from them. As Lavanya got interested, she became self-motivated and mentally prepared for this game and practiced hard each day. Her school also seemed to be extremely supportive, pushing her exam dates around to accommodate her tournaments.

“I have played many national tournaments, in which I have ranked 3rd in a national tournament and ranked 8th in Indian Golf union yearly.  I was also the number 1 lady golfer in Rajasthan. I have also won many hotel-affiliated tournaments, like Holiday Inn. On a yearly basis, I used to get an award as ‘the best woman golfer’ in my club.”

Being a high school student constantly challenged her schedule. Lavanya would wake up at 5:30 am to meditate, do yoga, then attend school, where she always played basketball, to stay physically fit. She would then reach back home at 5:30 pm and go straight to the golf course to play till 9 pm. This consistent dedication instilled in her focus and patience, building her into a calmer and sedulous person. Lavanya wishes to play the sport professionally once she finishes her degree at Loughborough University. Being a woman on the field inspired everyone around her and she received much attention from coaches, having enough access to required resources.

Arjun Dahiya, 11 years and Raghuraj Dahiya, 8 years old from Gurugram

The Dahiya family pride themselves on their active involvement in all sports possible. The young Dahiya boys have been interacting with the golf course since the age of 3 years, a result of Mr. Dahiya’s involvement in the sport and encouragement towards it.

‘Sports is a field where your performance speaks for you’. Mr. Dahiya believes that the social attraction to do well for yourself will only be a result of constant practice and hard work. With this attitude, both brothers Arjun and Raghuraj wish to be professional athletes one day, already engaging themselves in many tournaments such as the Junior Circuit to gain further exposure to the workings of this activity. Inspired by personalities such as Rory, Federer and P.V. Sindhu, the house inhabits a strong sports culture. Following all sports, Mr. Dahiya strongly believes in the power of learning through observation.

“Hard work has become synonymous with our lifestyle. Practicing hard daily while also having fun, Golf has also proved to be a great familial bonding exercise for this family. Spending 6 days on the greens each week, all three men draw their strength from Mrs. Dahiya who has been incredibly supportive of this passion.

Alysha Dutt, 12 years old from New Delhi

Inspired by her elder brother, Alysha developed an interest in golf from the age of four. Spending about five to six hours on the greens, six days a week, she has learnt the importance of time management in her schedule. Despite her young age, Alysha has picked up on the practice of ‘trusting the process’ and working hard towards your goals.

“A golf crazy household”, all members in the family continuously discuss the sport as a topic of conversation over dinner, constantly being motivated by one another. The IGU tournament, where Alysha played one under, seemed to be an encouraging experience for her. The 2nd wave of the COVID 19 pandemic did not stop this player from pursuing her passion and hardwork. Constantly exercising and trying her best to maintain the practice streak from home, this passion has inculcated patience within her.

Through the interactions with all these young players, a common thread was how Golf constantly proved to be a challenging sport, motivating them at all times. Extremely passionate about this activity, each student was happy to put in the effort to work hard, simultaneously learning skills such as patience, focus and dedication from the sport.

About the author: Ria Jalan is a young freelance writer.

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