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A Photographic Tribute to Celebrate Our Everyday Heroes


An online photography contest spearheaded by Kalagram will celebrate the lives of all those who are working towards a life of honest survival.

There is a reason to celebrate for photography enthusiasts. KalaGram, in collaboration with India Photo Archive Foundation, Museo Camera, the District Administration of Gurugram and Municipal Corporation Gurugram, has announced a special Portrait Photography Contest which will culminate in a curated print exhibition at the iconic Museo Camera, Gurugram.

Every person trying to make an honest living, irrespective of the task or service they provide, is worthy of dignity and respect. If we look around, our lives are full of such people, in our homes, work places, neighbourhood and bazaars. Each individual is working towards earning their living honestly and with integrity. This Photo Contest celebrates those heroes around us.

To enter the contest, shoot with any camera you are comfortable with. Let your imagination run free and capture the essence of life thriving and surviving around us.

To participate, send us 1-3 portraits per person (photographs of up to 5 people), and upload on the ‘Celebrating our Heroes’ album on the ‘India Photo Archive’ Facebook group (Link: https://tinyurl.com/2azr9cum).
Last date for submission is 10th August 2021.

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