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The Saree Affair


In its endeavour to promote and inspire Gurgaon ladies to drape six yards SUBURB has launched an online platform The Saree Affair. It’s an action packed only for women, an online stage where they can come and flaunt their sarees and stories behind these drapes with their other counterparts

Model For a Day, the contest powered by SUBURB was designed to pamper women and to give them an opportunity to feel, behave, dress-up, and get photographed like a model by the ace photographer Chaitnaya Chadha.

Model for A Day

It was a beautiful evening at Club Patio South City 1, where Deepika Singh, Sweta Ranjan and Gunjan Loomba Babbar the winners of the contest throughly enjoyed enjoyed themselves as the real fashion models. They comfortably sashayed in the sprawling lawns of the club posing at ease in front of the professional lens of Chaitanya to give some great poses and fantastic pictures.

A high energy photoshoot fuelled by SUBURB for The Saree Affair, its online endeavour to promote Indian sarees, was curated by Vineeta Jerath Grover, Founder & Editor SUBURB who carries the six yards effortlessly with grace.

Sweta Ranjan, a video journalist, marathon runner and enthusiast for Indian classical music, said, “I have always been camera-friendly, but posing as a model came out to be a unique experience. I never could imagine myself changing my pose for the camera with every flash. Being a Model For A Day has given me a chance to learn something new along with building and weaving good memories shooting with a fantastic team. I find saree perfect attire for every occasion. Through The Saree Affair I like to promote sarees among people, especially those who blindly ape the western fashion, leaving behind our traditional attire.’’

“Saree can make every woman look- simple yet gorgeous, graceful and sensuous too.”

Gunjan Loomba Babbar says, “Saree is a beautiful drape which symbolises our country’s tradition and is truly an epitome of elegance and grace. While in many areas, saree is an everyday attire; however, in urban cities, it has lost its sheen as working women find it very tedious to wear sarees at their place of work. In the corporate culture of Gurgaon, Western clothing seems to be more prevalent and acceptable too. I wear a saree when I know I need to make an impact when I need to leave that lasting impression, the confidence I get while wearing a saree in unmatched. I experiment with saree draping styles; wear saree with contemporary twist, mix-n-match as per the occasion. Sometimes its glamorous to the core, other times it’s ethnic or the funky fusion for a casual evening out.

Model For A Day opportunity is one of the finest experiences of my life as I always dreamt of becoming a model. It’s an inspiration to flaunt my sarees.’’

“For me, saree is more powerful than a business suit.’’

Deepika Singh, says, “I fell in love with sarees at a tender age of 16. I wore a saree for my school farewell & was crowned Miss St. Joseph-Sagar. A year later, I won the beauty pageant in Delhi (1985) – Miss Polytechnic, and there was no looking back. My affair with saree has been long and steady. I want to promote sarees as a casual, work and all occasion wear. Saree gradually is finding its footing at international stage as well. It is one garment that can make a woman look worth a million dollars and India has a large variety available of indigenous weaves, different yarns. There is so much to it which the world needs to know, and we must promote our highly skilled weavers, many of them who are leading a life of poverty. They deserve a better life and of course, save the fast going extinct weaves for lack of demand.

“The revival of sarees is a must to help our weavers from different states.’’

This Feature was first published in the print version of SUBURB July 2019 issue.

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