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Workshop on Stress Management for Members of Gurugram Police Force – Initiated by Society for Safe Gurgaon


Have we ever wondered about the stress levels of those who ensure we live a safe and stress-free life? The police personnels of our city live a life on the edge and are striving to keep the crime levels in the city at low to offer its residents a peaceful state of mind.

Regular working of a police personnel tends to impose a high degree of stress and a multiplicity of stressful situations which can affect the physical, mental, and interpersonal relationships of police personnel.

Worked up? Workshop to the rescue

To combat the high levels of stress and anxiety, especially in these challenging times; a workshop to engage the police force in stress relieving activities and enable them with various techniques to cope up with day to day professional and personal stress, was organized by the Society for Safe Gurgaon earlier this month in Teri Gram, Gurugram.

The workshop was attended by almost 40 member of Gurgaon Police Force and was helmed by leading professionals in the city who conducted various sessions and training modules to help ease the stress levels of the participants.

The Change Makers

The esteemed facilitators included Program Director Harbhajan Singh, an industry veteran with more than four decades of experience in empowering employees and enterprises. Former Director in Honda, he was also associated with ILO – Danida Project on Organization & Leadership Development and is currently Chairman of various entities of CII, Haryana and President for Society for Safe Gurgaon.

The Program Co-Director Dr Anshul Dhingra is a renowned peak performance coach, an impactful trainer and inspiring speaker in the Asian region. In last 16 years of his professional existence he has been able to influence the lives of more than 1,00,000 individuals in 6 countries contributing to more than 100 unique businesses and over 500 individual success stories.

Program Co-Director and an experienced Clinical Psychologist Aastha Hasija has over 5 years of professional experience in conducting and managing Internships, Training Programs/Workshops and consultation of clients from various facets of life.

Enable & Empower

The event was inaugurated by ACP Gurugram, Usha Kundu who hailed the efforts of the Societyfor Safe Gurgaon towards working for the welfare of the police force personnels.

“Our job is highly demanding of us and we shoulder a lot of responsibilities in this profession. Workshops like these can help boost the morale of the force and equip them to face challenges with heightened confidence and balanced state of mind.”

ACP Usha Kundu

The workshop included discussions on fundamentals of stress management, individual stress level assessment, stress management games and even an stimulating NLP session for the participants. The police personnel were seen letting their guard down as they opened up about the various challenges of their daily lives, spoke about the difficulties in balancing their professional & personal lives and seek direction from the facilitators to improve the overall physical and mental well-being.

 “As a community, it is our moral responsibility to look out for the betterment of our city’s protection force and support them to the best of our abilities,” says Harbhajan Singh. “This workshop is a small step in this direction and we hope to conduct several such sessions to help them deal with stressful and high-risk situations in their lives. Our programs would include various modules to empower them and we will seek support from the best industry professionals to take the mission of our society forward, “ added Singh.

DCP West, Deepak Saharan in his valedictory note commended the dedication of the police force. “This profession demands our energy, focus and dedication 24×7. Often the personnels work beyond their duty hours tirelessly. It is important that they stay calm and confident even in the toughest of situations. These training initiatives can enhance their mental frame of mind and tackle daunting challenges with the right approach.”

ACP Karan Goel too lauded the efforts of the society and encouraged conducting more such sessions. “Both physical and mental agility are important in our line of work. We are constantly on our toes while our mind runs in a hundred directions. Stress levels are often high and such workshops and sessions can help streamline your thought process and align your mind in the right direction as per the situation’s’ demand,” said ACP Goel.

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