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Anti-Viral Home Quarantine Kits


Launch of anti-viral kits to help patients and their families to have a hassle free quarantine period.

The kit combines an AntiViral Bed Sheet, Pillow cover, Towel, Face Mask, Patient Coverall, Handkerchief. All products under kit are tested for Corona Virus, upto 99.98 percent reduction.

The patient under care can use all this antiviral protecting clothing and linen during entire period of quarantine even without washing (unless there are any stains). The NanoTechnology embedded active fibers of each product traps and kills Corona Virus.

The Anti odor technology helps recuing the requirement of frequent washing. The Anti Leaching property helps it to wash along with other cloths or safe to keep in common cupboard.

The Product is safer for newborns due its Non-Metal, Non-Silver technology. Each product is washable up to ten times which is good enough for complete 15days home quarantine period.

Made of 100 per cent cotton, each product under kit is absolute durable and long lasting as regular linen.

All products are tested for ISO18184 by NABL Labs like Bureau Veritas and MSL UK. Complete manufacturing in India with its country made best Cotton, ISO 13485 certifies the quality of products.       

Product priced at Rs.3250 is available at Flipkart and amazon and  http://www.nanochemiqs.com/

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