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Furry Worries, No More


With technology coming to the rescue all the time, here is the introduction to a mobile app that makes pet parenting a breeze

Imagine coming home to soft paws and a wet nose- for many dog parents, this is heaven on earth, and you don’t want anything more than that. It is the best part of their day for the pets to meet with their owner’s aka parents. It’s a whole different world of love, furry hugs and warmth.

But with all this unconditional love comes a tremendous amount of care, nutrition, vet visits, vaccinations and much more. It is like having a child at home, and that is serious business. At the launch of a new technology-driven mobile application for pet care by DCC (Dogs Cats & Companions) Animal Hospital, Sector 23, Gurgaon, Dr Vinod Sharma admits, “It is not the breed that is a problem. A lack of history, medical records, and periodicity create a challenge in giving proper care to a pet. Pet owners would be far better off taking care of their furry babies if they had a way of maintaining all the records.”

Leash of unconditional love

The concept of pet care is new to India. In Gurgaon, which is a hub for millennials and baby boomers, the idea has also taken the new dimension of pet resorts. But the actual use came into being when Covid hit families with their furry companions locked up with them. Pet resorts came to rescue to help ailing families in many ways- from handling pet vaccine schedules to their walks, to keep them away because owners had to be isolated and much more.

Indeed, Petcare in India has not been as organized as we would want it to be. The concept of pet parenting has also gained great popularity in the pandemics; when bogged down and enclosed in homes, couples and families felt the need for ‘some warmth and sunshine in a spiritual way. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that dogs are indeed man’s best friend and has been for centuries.

Mobile App

A proprietary mobile application like the Pet Connect comes with a considerable advantage- schedules for vaccinations, pet history and ailments records, AI-enabled analysis and red flags, regular updates and follow-up reminders to busy parents, schedule f parent meets, dog days, spas, weekend fun and more.

“Technology is touching our lives in many ways. AI and mobile applications are such a need of the hour. Having one which services my pet’s personal needs just made my life so much easier,” added a blogger and pet owner of two beautiful huskies. The application also comes with a telehealthcare advantage in case pet owners cannot make a visit to the centre. As usual, Gurgaon is spoilt for choices. You also have ALFA-11, another beautiful pet resort facility, with access to the one-acre outdoor park area that dogs can frolic in, off-leash. Located at Ansal  Palam Farm, the facility is the brainchild of Rajesh Bhatt, a dog behaviourist who brought the concept 25 years ago in Northern India. If you add more fun to your pet’s life, come to Critterati, a one-of-a-kind pet resort with a pet friend café and a stay-in opportunity for you and your pet. Run by pet enthusiasts, Jaanwi and Deepak Chawla, the facility offers pet boarding, grooming and training. If you do not want to step out of the comfort zone of your house and your pooch is due for a ‘hair trim’ worry not, mobile pet-grooming vans and home service are available to groom & bathe your pets at your doorstep. 

DCC Pet care boarding facility has some added benefits for serious contenders. Temperature-controlled rooms for overnight or a week-long stay trained handlers, flexible meal plans (which can be pre-discussed with the desk manager) and more to ensure a comfortable and stress-free stay for pets.

Whatever may be your furry worry, Gurgaon millennials have got it sorted out for you. 

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