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Complete Ban on crackers this Diwali in NCR


This Diwali, stay away from buying, selling or burning crackers as the authorities have enforced complete ban on fire crackers in NCR region.

Recently Deputy Commissioner, Gurugram, Amit Khatri had designated only eight spots in the city for bursting crackers from 8-10 PM on 14th November 2020 only.

The current spike in air pollution levels in the NCR region has forced the authorities to re-evaluate the situation. The Green Tribunal has now imposed a complete ban on the use of all type of crackers in the NCR area which is under the influence of acute pollution situation, as the use of crackers is hazardous to the health of the citizens.

The use of these crackers will further aggravate the pollution problem in the area which is already reeling under acute pollution due to smog and emission of other poisonous gases and pollution.

Hence a complete ban on the sale and use of fire crackers of all types in the district is imposed. Non-compliance will be sternly dealt with. The previous orders permitting usage for limited time-window on Diwali should be considered void.

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