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Power of Human Connect – Post Pandemic especially!


I love using the latest technologies to make life more efficient, but I don’t want to advocate that technology replaces the need to get together and enjoy human connections with people. ~ Maynard Webb

The world has changed tremendously since March 2020, and the change is still unpredictable for the future. The people who always gave predictions and theories of managing the future were shocked and surprised too.

The impact of the pandemic is all over the world – with some countries having less impact; but it won’t be wrong to say that each one has been touched upon by the situation.

The world is yet to define the loss or damages for the economy, society, mental well-being, students, teachers, doctors, healthcare workers, other working-class, industries and more. The impact is so huge that it will take years even to understand its repercussions and then years to manage the losses.

All evened out?

In India, especially, the impact of the pandemic is huge, and there is no single family which has not lost a near or dear one. Even the richest and the top leaders in politics or companies were not spared. So in a way, the pandemic is a great equalizer. However, it enhanced the divide between haves and have-nots has increased in the country.

The economic effect is going to trouble the people across the country and world, but the most difficult one is on the mind of people (everyone from old to young, students to CEOs, workers to leaders). Every sector of the economy and society is feeling the metal & emotional pressure.

Lakhs of people lost their jobs, and many businesses had to shut down. It slips into a cascading effect of their households and wellbeing of their family, again not just financial but mental & emotional too.

Is it a New Normal?

Some people started a term called “New Normal.” However, can this be regarded as normal, the ‘distancing,’ mental & emotional as well? If we start accepting it as normal, we may go back to our old ways of being self-centered, an attitude of ‘me first,’ etc. On the contrary, time is for collective consciousness. Raising community compassion and bridging gaps between bourgeoisie and proletarians. This is a crisis and must be tackled as one, Aham Brahmasmi.

Healing Hugs

Last two years, staying restrained to physical contact once again has shown the importance of human-connect; not virtual but real. Humanity is going to change – people and some organizations have started the positive change by being more empathetic and defining policies and systems to help humans. 

A number of NGOs and people with them took new initiatives to help fellow humans, and there was a ray of light seen for the transformation of societal values. However, a large part of the society and nation is still not in that gambit. Lessons are soon forgotten also! Is it human nature or lack of mindfulness or an attitude?

Puneet Rathi’s Happiness Workshop in association with SUBURB in 2019

Happiness workshops online, a possibility?

Many companies approached me to do happiness workshops for their employees. While the intention was excellent, doing a happiness workshop was too farfetched as it requires the warmth of human touch and connection. So we did some part of helping people understand self and others and how we can connect.

The virtual medium of communication is good and helping so many organizations and people but there seems to overdo of webinars and Gyaan sharing sessions (again on predicting for future), missing the warmth of a personal connection.

Spiritual masters feel that there is a lot of churning happening in mother earth, Manthan, (reference of a mythological fable of Samudra Manthan wherein finally after the war between Asurs & Devtas, nectar comes out). In this situation, nectar possibly would be our learnings from the situation, love for community oneness and shedding alienation.

I feel the true impact of the pandemic will be seen by all of us in coming months and years and the wish is that the goodness started by few spreads to whole society and nations and the world becomes a better place to live in with more empathy and human connection.

Puneet Rathi

About the Author: Puneet Rathi SHRM-SCP, is Founder, Chief Enabling Officer & Happiness Coach at World is Flat B.V.

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