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Mom’s Day out at Zen Golf


A sundowner at Zen Golf Range and Academy was curated especially for moms to let their hair down and soak in the ‘Me time’ conversation about self-love and experience playing golf in the pristine greens of the range in the heart of Gurugram.

In association with Pallavanjali, ZEN GOLF organised a soiree on Mother’s Day titled Beyond Motherhood. It was a thought-provoking evening, breaking the old conditioning of a ‘sacrificing mom’ the conversation on self-love with anecdotes and personal sharing by the moms made it buzzing.

A talk on self-love initiated by Krishna Das, principal of Pallavanjali School and Vineeta Jerath, reiki channel and relationship coach, founder & editor of Suburb inspired the gathering to share about their lives and challenges. The feeling of being an individual first and then a mom got moms to bond. “We enjoyed an evening with like-minded people and bonded over a mindful conversation, delectable food and golf, which as a game signifies unexpected swings in life,’’ said Krishna Das.

The special guest for the evening Rita Jairath, Tedex speaker, IFBB Pro League International Judge listed in Forbes 2020, an official in the para Olympics committee of India, and a proud autism mom of a 30-year-old young man, shared her inspiring journey of ups & downs, challenges and triumphs.

As Krishna Das said, “do not get overwhelmed by the long journey you have to walk in life; take small steps and keep moving forward.” Emphasising the importance of self-love, Vineeta Jerath said, “One cannot quench the thirst of others from a dry well. Hence we must keep our cup of life full of positive experiences of what we like as individuals. There is a very fine line between being selfish and prioritising oneself. We can give out only what we have, and we should be happy and vibrate at a higher frequency to support others. All of this can be possible when we respect ourselves, create healthy boundaries and not undermine our self-worth based on other people’s opinions about us. You get what you tolerate-this applies in spades to relationships.”

It was an event to applaud moms for their extraordinary effort to nurture children with different needs and abilities. Moms walk a tight rope performing multiple balancing acts with equanimity and grace. Here on their special day, moms chilled out and enthusiastically learned the nuances of golf from the in-house coach at Zen. A child-like thrill had enveloped the moms, “the place and the company do the magic, said Charu Bahadur Sharan gleaming with energy. Shikha Kulshreshtha said, “It was a fabulous experience to be in the company of such positive power-packed moms.”

With a promise to meet soon, the moms waved goodbyes with an assurance of standing by one another. “It’s a tribe that understands each other, learns mutually and supports unconditionally,” said Rita Jairath with a warm smile.

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